Wisconsin Outline Maps Print


Thumbnail of Wisconsin outline map.

We offer a variety of digital outline maps for use in various graphics, illustration, or office software.

The map graphics available for download have been derived from several common layers of digital GIS data. All of the statewide GIS data layers used were processed by state agencies and exist in the Wisconsin Transverse Mercator coordinate system.

Of the formats below, Adobe PDF files are generally best for printing.

Each of the counties in the Adobe Illustrator (AI) and Corel Draw (CDR) file types is encoded as a closed polygons. Therefore, individual counties can be selected, filled with colors and patterns.

The remaining types (TIFF, PNG, and BMP) are standard graphic formats that can be opened in most graphic viewers, editors, and word processors.


Cities, Villages, and Towns (preview) 692KB 324KB 77KB 267KB 1395KB 598KB
County Outlines (preview) 109KB 119KB 22KB 97KB 290KB 120KB
County Outlines with County Names (preview) 168KB 200KB 35KB 22KB 359KB 130KB
County Outlines with Major Waterways (preview) 334KB 180KB 32KB 133KB 741KB 569KB
County Outlines with Major Waterways and County Names (preview) 381KB 216KB 53KB 27KB 788KB 581KB
County Outlines with Open Water (preview) 752KB 349KB 59KB 249KB 1576KB 1586KB
County Outlines with Major Highways (preview) 274KB 266KB 75KB 201KB 603KB 459KB
County Outlines with Major Railways (preview) 212KB 285KB 52KB 197KB 486KB 189KB
County Outlines with County Names and County Seats (preview) 176KB 242KB 46KB 28KB 297KB 128KB
State Outline (preview) 35KB 69KB 15KB 55KB 125KB 32KB
State Outline with Major Waterways (preview) 264KB 122KB 26KB 97KB 582KB 477KB
State Outline with Open Water (preview) 679KB 301KB 50KB 217KB 1412KB 1500KB


Last Updated on April 01, 2014