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Broadband Mapping Manager

Wisconsin Public Service Commission - Madison, WI

Type: Full Time
Posted: 12/03/2012
Deadline to apply: 01/01/2013
Payrate: $22.02 to $36.34 per hour

Under the general supervision of the State Broadband Director, this position is tasked with making key programming decisions regarding the transition of all mapping and website work to state resources. The primary responsibility of this position is to plan, design, conduct, and oversee major geographic information system (GIS) development and analysis of the state broadband project. For the duration of the National Telecommunications Information Administration (NTIA) State Broadband Investment (SBI) grant period, the mapping manager will work closely with the LinkAMERICA Alliance on the transition of the mapping and website hosting efforts. The mapping manager will also work with LinkAMERICA to ensure that all the federally funded mapping requirements are met and program deliverables are filed in accordance with NTIA’s funding rules and obligations. The transition efforts of the mapping manager will include the transfer of the physical map/website hosting, transfer of the data collection processes and underlying database, and transition of relationships with providers (including new Non-Disclosure Agreements).

Special Notes:   This is a project appointment to a project position scheduled to end October 31, 2014. Employment will require a background check. 

Job Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:   Proficient in using ESRI technologies (ArcMap Advanced, SDE) to develop and maintain GIS data. Ability to convert a wide variety of non-GIS formats into ESRI formats (DGN, DWG, raster). Ability to develop ad hoc programs and scripts to manipulate and/or load data across a wide variety of storage platforms. Ability to develop scripts to aid in quality assurance processes. Ability to build, maintain, and control team geodatabase (Spatial DBA functions) to support submission over submission review and data audits. Knowledge of deployment patterns and practices for wireless and wireline broadband technologies. Knowledge of Census Geographies and ability to translate network information into Census formats. Ability to apply analytical skills and techniques to analyze programs and determine proper approaches. Written communication skills, including ability to present complex technical and policy material in an understandable manner in the form of letters, reports, and analysis. Oral communication skills, including ability to present complex technical and policy material in an understandable manner in the form of speeches, discussion groups, and phone calls. Interpersonal relationship skills, including negotiation and facilitation skills. Project management skills, including ability to set and meet deadlines. Knowledge of NTIA and FCC broadband requirements and programs.

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