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Research Specialist - Great Lakes Aquaculture Center

UW-Milwaukee, School of Freshwater Sciences - Milwaukee, WI

Type: Part Time
Posted: 08/27/2013
Deadline to apply: 09/19/2013


Fred Binkowski, Senior Scientist, is seeking a part time (50%) Research Specialist to assist in research on lake sturgeon behavioral movement data analysis. This research will include the gathering, processing, and maintaining the result of lake sturgeon data using Geographical Information System (GIS) technology.

This position involves conducting independent research, consultation, technical assistance, and interpretation of data, responses to surveys, and special projects and their direct application to lab operations. Using this data obtained from the radiotelemetry program, the research specialist will be responsible for the presentation (plotting) of the data using the geographic information system software, ArcView, to produce maps that illustrate the behavioral movement of lake sturgeon.

The Research Specialist will interact closely with scientists within the School of Freshwater Sciences and outside entities such as the Department of Natural Resources. This position also involves participation in public outreach activities that the Great Lakes Aquaculture Center is involved in, including workshops, annual conferences, and educational programs.

The Research Specialist will work in the fish rearing facilities of the Great Lakes Aquaculture Center at the UW-Milwaukee School of Freshwater Sciences. This position will require working irregular hours weekends and holidays.

Minimum Qualifications:

a)A Master’s degree in geography, urban planning, fisheries biology, or related field (earned by the start date of the position).
b)Two (2) years of experience in Geographical Information System (GIS) technology.
c)Knowledge of lake sturgeon behavior, movement, and habitat preferences in the Lake Winnebago system.
d)Knowledge and understanding of radio-telemetry techniques used for monitoring lake sturgeon in the Lake Winnebago system.
e)Two years of experience creating conceptual models using the GIS software, ArcView.
f)Knowledge and experience in using the animation tool, Adobe Flash.
g)Experience with the collating of data and transcribing into an organized database.
h)Experience in lake sturgeon husbandry practices.

Preferred Qualifications:

a)Good computer skills including knowledge of Excel, Word, and PowerPoint
b)Experience in record keeping
c)Experience in report or paper writing, and the oral presentation of information
d)Experience in collection of data from journal publications, reports, and databases.


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