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Wisconsin Geospatial Jobs - Archived Positions


Bayfield County - Washburn, WI

Type: Full Time
Posted: 01/26/2017
Deadline to apply: 05/14/2017
Payrate: $49,159/yr

Job Description:

This position serves as the County Surveyor for Bayfield County and is responsible for carrying out the statutory requirements of the Surveyor's office as per SS. 59.45. This position is based in the Land Records Office and will assist the county in carrying out survey responsibilities. This is a salaried/exempt position.

Primary Job Duties:

  • Responsible for maintenance of existing survey archives 
  • Guide in the development and execution of section corner remonumentation program. 
  • Review of plats, certified survey maps, maps of survey, advising registered land surveyors and the public. 
  • Assists in the administration of the County sub-division ordinance. 
  • Work with and supervise Surveyor Technician and other summer / limited term staff. 
  • Serves as a member of the Land Information Council 
  • Assist Bayfield County Departments in boundary determinations and dispute resolution. 
  • Survey property on County owned lands. 
  • Assist with land sales and acquisitions. 
  • Train County personnel in GPS, CAD and Total Station use. 
  • Directs GIS Specialist/Survey Technician in survey related projects. 
  • Keeps up to date on all adjustments and geoid models to the Bayfield County Coordinate System. 
  • Performs duties assigned by the Land Information Officer. 
  • Establishes, maintains, and verifies GPS coordinates in PLSS. 
  • Performs survey work as necessary for Forestry Department, Highway Department and other County departments. Marks boundary lines of county owned land for various projects. Assist County departments in drafting real estate documents. 
  • Provide input on survey related contracted services. 
  • Coordinates, establishes, and marks control points needed for GIS projects.

Other Job Duties:

  • Complies with Section 59 of Wisconsin Statutes relative to Surveyor's duties. 
  • Develops and maintains a monument maintenance system through which the Public Land Survey System (PLSS) corners are checked and perpetuated each year in compliance with State Statutes, Administrative Codes and ordinances. 
  • Reviews Certified Survey Maps, preliminary and final county plats, preliminary and final State Plats to ensure compliance with Wisconsin Statutes, Administrative Codes, and County ordinances. Makes recommendations to Land Records Administrator and/or Zoning Staff regarding the review of the above-mentioned maps/plats. 
  • Performs records search and conducts field investigations as necessary to verify survey monuments, to make determinations in circumstances where there are conflicting survey records. 
  • Develops files and maintains records and maps of all survey information including subdivision plats, certified surveys, PLSS tie sheets as well as any other survey maps and/or notes. 
  • Assist the public and private surveyors regarding surveying, mapping, and land boundary issues. Perform records search, field search, and re-establishment of PLSS when informed by public of monument disturbance or destruction. 
  • Assist Wisconsin Department of Transportation and/or National Geodetic Survey in developing a statewide Global Positioning System (GPS) network within Bayfield County. Maintain GPS network monuments within Bayfield County.

Qualifications & Experience:

  • Registered Land Surveyor, licensed in the State of Wisconsin 
  • Two years' experience in retracement and public land survey system. 
  • Strong background and knowledge in Geographic Information Systems, Auto CAD and database management. 
  • Possession of a valid Driver's License.

Apply online at link included, under job listing title of "Surveyor"

For more information: Bayfield County Employment Page



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