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Senior Geospatial Analyst

Continental Mapping Consultants - Sun Prairie, WI

Type: Full Time
Posted: 03/07/2017
Deadline to apply: Open (no deadline given by employer)

Summary of Position: 

The Senior Geospatial Analyst will extract feature and/or terrain data from a variety of sources and conduct research to fully prepare the data for our clients, perform quality control on the products produced during production and provide feedback and reviews for Geospatial Analyst. This position requires a deep knowledge of NGA feature data products and specifications and have the ability to collect and validate data against these specifications. The Senior Geospatial Analyst will be producing data and products in accordance with customer’s requirements to be completed on time and within budget.  Strong technical and leadership skills, having the ability to troubleshoot software, solve data management issues, identify and develop new processes and any quality concerns.

Essential Duties Responsibilities:

  • Extract feature and/or terrain data from a variety of sources
  • Conduct research to full prepare and populate attribution from available sources
  • Conducts peer review of data prior to QC
  • Conducts quality control reviews of data and provides feedback
  • Perform product finishing tasks to client content and quality specifications
  • Introductory production and technical supervisory duties, if assigned.
  • Working directly with the Production Manager scheduling production tasks for personnel
  • Leading daily production tasks and owning the production process
  • Assist Production Manager(s) with scheduling, tracking and estimating of current and future production related activities
  • Assist in or assigning out work procedures/checklist updates and/or creation
  • Lead post-project assessment and Lessons Learned tasking to evaluate the project from start to finish
  • Other duties may be assigned

Other Responsibilities:

  • Assist Geospatial Analysts with product and extraction related questions
  • Share best practices with other employees
  • Implement guidance adjustment information given by project lead or Production manager
  • Train current or new employees on new production tasks
  • Lead information driven team meetings


  • Commitment to Excellence: fact-checking your work; actively seeking new ways of working to improve productivity
  • Structured Thinking: communicating specialist technical information clearly and concisely
  • Methodical Approach: breaking complex tasks into manageable segments; ability to identify possible problems or stumbling blocks
  • Resourcefulness: using existing information to devise new ways of working; ability to tackle unforeseen challenges using existing resources
  • Data Management: experience of checking all available data to get a more complete picture; using the data to propose effective solutions and identify potential risks
  • Results Oriented: ability to identify actions necessary to achieve task completion and to obtain results; ability to meet schedules, deadlines, goals 

Job Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:

  • Knowledge of client specifications and requirements, data compilation workflows and best practices, and security requirements
  • Excellent stereographic vision
  • Geospatial experience, including photo interpretation experience and software to includ but not limited to:
    1. ArcGIS, Socet Set, Microstation, Photoshop
    2. DataReviewer, Workflow Manager, and Task Assistant Manager
    3. GAIT, Conflation Technologies, Map Compilation, ArcSDE/ArcServer, Database Schema Mapping, Open Source research techniques.

Experience and Education:

  • Bachelor's degree or equivalent experience and/or education
  • The successful candidate will have a minimum of 7 years’ relevant skill experience

Licenses or certifications required to qualify for this job

  • CMS, CP, GISP Preferred

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