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Conservation, Planning & Zoning Technician

Marathon County - Wausau, WI

Type: Full Time
Posted: 06/16/2017
Deadline to apply: 07/10/2017
Payrate: $39,056 - $52,726/yr

Position Summary:

This position provides professional and technical information and support to Marathon County landowners regarding land conservation and zoning practices, programs, and activities.

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Meets with landowners, individually and in groups, to educate them about the Farmland Preservation Program as well as assist towns and landowners in the expansion of the Agricultural Enterprise Areas (AEA’s).  This will include enrolling landowners in the program.  Contacts landowners and makes on-site visits to obtain signatures for cost-sharing contracts, Farmland Preservation Agreements, etc.   
  • Conducts on-farm conservation performance reviews to ensure that participating landowners meet Farmland Preservation Program requirements including the proper installation and maintenance of conservation practices.  Documents farm status reviews and clearly communicates results to landowners. Reviews signed cost-sharing contracts or Farmland Preservation Agreements and conducts follow up visits to verify if required or suggested land improvements are implemented within specified time frame.
  • Provides support to the zoning program by working with property owners to ensure compliance with county zoning ordinances.  Duties include issuing permits, meeting with landowners, onsite visits and conducting on-site inspections.  Advises permit applicants about the requirements of Marathon County Ordinances including general zoning, shoreland zoning, Private Onsite Waste Treatment Systems (POWTS) and wetland/floodplain regulations, as well as other regulatory programs administered by town, state, and federal agencies. Assists with completion of permit applications, assists applicants with creating plot plans for permits and refers permit applicants to permitting agencies when applicable.
  • Assists in making on-site inspections of land, assesses impact on land use practices, and makes recommendations for appropriate land use practices.  Monitors runoff from fields and/or barnyards and evaluates pollution potential.  Works with landowners to achieve voluntary cooperation to alleviate varied water pollution problems.
  • Assists with construction staking and inspection of land use practices.
  • Assists in developing basic conservation plans and revisions to existing conservation plans.  Reviews nutrient management plans for completeness.  Gathers required information for the submittal of permits that are to be reviewed by other staff. 
  • Assists with design, preparation, and delivery of CPZ educational programs and materials.
  • Prepares a variety of maps using GIS technology.
  • Develops solutions to work issues that add value for our customers.
  • Participates in establishing professional development goals that are supportive of broader County goals.
  • Maintains regular and predictable attendance. 
  • Performs related work as required.

Education & Experience:

Bachelor’s degree in a natural resources related field, agronomy, conservation, or closely related major; an associate’s degree in natural resources related field and 3 years’ experience; OR equivalent combination of closely related education and/or work experience. Prefer at least 2 years’ work experience in a related field.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:

  • Ability to perform mid-level data analysis including the ability to audit, deduce, assess, conclude, and appraise. Requires discretion in determining and referencing such to established criteria to define consequences and develop alternatives.
  • Ability to provide guidance, assistance and/or interpretation to others, such as co-workers and the public, on how to apply policies, procedures, and standards to specific situations.
  • Ability to utilize a wide variety of reference and descriptive, advisory and /or design data and information such as statutes, procedures, ordinances, technical standards and non-routine correspondence.
  • Ability to effectively communicate orally and in writing with other professionals, other County employees, and the public.
  • Ability to work under conditions that require exposure to a variety of environmental factors including varying weather conditions (cold, heat, dust, smells etc.).
  • Skill in advanced mathematics.
  • Knowledge of geographic and geological principles.
  •  Knowledge of land use principles, zoning, wetlands, and floodplains
  •  Knowledge of general farming, agronomy, soil science as well as land and water conservation principles.
  • Knowledge and skills using Geographic Information System (GIS) and software.
  • Skills in computer aided drafting, Global Positioning Systems, and other extensive computer software.
  • Knowledge of civil engineering practices.
  • Ability to exercise judgment and situational reasoning applying logic to complex and abstract problems.
  • Skill in developing professional relationships with other partner agencies and with CPZ customers.
  • Understands the County's and department's mission, core values, plans, and priorities for the future.
  • Ability to contribute to a positive work culture that fosters excellent customer service and teamwork.

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