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Civil Engineering Technician

Madison Gas & Electric - Madison, WI

Type: Full Time
Posted: 08/08/2017
Deadline to apply: Open (no deadline given by employer)

Job Summary:

MGE is looking for an experienced technician to provide the expertise necessary to support the planning, design, construction, and maintenance of our gas distribution system.

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Responds to a wide range of external contacts from customers, contractors, developers, engineering firms, and attorneys concerning requests for reliable, cost-efficient, and environmentally acceptable gas distribution extensions and service facilities utilizing joint utility construction practices if reasonable.
  • Performs proposed project site inspections and assembles the required information to evaluate existing facilities and site parameters to formulate designs, plans, estimates, and specifications for gas extensions.
  • Coordinates, prepares, and obtains necessary street opening permits, promissory note contracts, and easement data.
  • Collaborates with internal departments to facilitate the construction of gas extensions and service laterals to serve new and existing customers.
  • Prepares and organizes the documentation and permits required for gas extension job orders and service orders to new and existing commercial, multifamily, and residential customers.
  • Monitors job order and service order status and acts as an information liaison between internal and external parties with respect to site readiness and other site-specific issues targeting the customers' construction schedules.
  • Assists Gas Systems Engineering with gas system planning for new and existing plats, street improvement projects, cathodic protection systems, and system improvement projects.


Education and Experience

  • Two-year associate's degree in civil engineering or related engineering discipline.
  • Five years of experience in natural gas distribution field preferred.

Knowledge and Skills

  • Knowledge about natural gas, basic design practices for natural gas distribution systems, basic engineering skills related to the preparation of plans and specifications, and an understanding of or ability to understand the Company's gas distribution system to include gas measurement, pressure regulation, odorization, and corrosion control facilities.
  • Knowledge of or ability to learn applicable safety codes, governmental codes, Company rules and regulations, and Company construction standards.
  • Excellent time management and project management skills.
  • Demonstrated ability to exercise good judgment in evaluating situations and making decisions.
  • Knowledge and ability to review engineering projects performed by other utilities, private developers, builders, or any other federal, state, or local entities to assess impact to the gas distribution system.
  • Ability to adapt the principles, practices, and techniques of engineering and design to the design and construction of a variety of gas engineering projects.
  • Strong interpersonal skills.
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills.
  • Proven ability to read, understand, and interpret a wide variety of schematic drawings, maps, project plans, and other visual aids.
  • Strong computer proficiency.
  • Proven ability to perform mathematical calculations, equations, statistical computations, and cost analysis.

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