Height Modernization Program Active Network Print
By Brenda Hemstead   
January 15, 2014

The WisDOT Geodetic Survey Unit has developed a Wisconsin Continuously Operating Reference Stations (WISCORS) Network consisting of permanent GPS sites, which provide real-time correctors to mobile users. Mobile users properly equipped to take advantage of these correctors can survey in the field to the 2-cm accuracy level in real-time. The program is being partnered with state and local governments, federal agencies, and educational institutions.

Active Network (WISCORS)

Zones 1-5 (Red triangles on map)

WISCORS Network status January 2014 thumb


  • 75 CORS sites currently operating in the WISCORS Network

Zone 6 (Blue circles on map)

  • Six CORS to be added to WISCORS Network in 2014
  • Construction is complete. Coordinate determination, telecommunication and accuracy testing on-going.

Border station (Green plus on map)

  • Built by other agencies, not currently in WISCORS Network
  • Software licensing required to be procured in 2014.
  • Introduction of border area CORS stations to WISCORS Network anticipated to begin during 2014, with work expected to continue into 2015.