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Pronounce Wisconsin Help

Pronounce Wisconsin provides the user with various ways to explore Wisconsin place name pronunciations. When the application is launched, you will see (from left to right) the zoom controls, the county name identifier, the search menu, and the layer controls, as well as a map of Wisconsin counties.

initial view


When you hover over a county, the county will highlight, pronounce itself and the name will be shown in the county name identifier box (see below).

county hover


In the top right corner, you will see the search menu and the layer controls. Mousing over the layer controls will give you the option of changing the basemap to something other than the default Google road map. Clicking on the search menu will give you the ability to search for a city, village, or unincorporated place in Wisconsin. You do not need to know the exact spelling of a place or search based on the leading letters of a place. For example, searching for "waukee" will yield the results shown below.


When you see the place you are searching for in the results, you can either click on it or arrow down and hit enter, which will then zoom you to that location on the map. 


To zoom in on the map, there are a few options:

1. Use the zoom controls in the upper left corner

2. Use the scroll wheel on your mouse, or the corresponding gesture on a laptop

3. Double click on the map

4. Hold the shift button, then click and drag to create a zoom box

5. If you are on a touch screen device, you can use the pinch-zoom gesture

Once you zoom in, the counties will disappear, and two types of features will present on the map - unincorporated communities represented as orange circles, and incorporated places (cities and villages) represented as gray polygons. 

unincs and_polygons


When you mouse over a feature, it will highlight purple, a pop up with its name will appear, and you will hear a pronunciation. 

uninc mouseover


If you zoom in far enough, a list of places currently visible on the map will appear on the left side of the screen. If you mouse over a place, its name will highlight on the list, and if you hover over a feature on the list, the corresponding place will highlight on the map. 

table mouseover