Metadata Tools for Geospatial Data

This page leads to summaries of most of the known metadata tools used for documenting geospatial data and serving geospatial metadata. It includes tools for entering and editing metadata and utilities for preprocessing, extracting, postprocessing, validating, and viewing metadata. Most of these tools were designed to help complete Content Standards for Digital Geospatial Metadata (CSDGM) metadata, but several have been tuned to produce specific local metadata profiles.

10/14/2006 Version 4.0 of the ISO Metadata Editor (IME) has been released.
10/11/2006 A Microsoft Access application to extract entity attribute information from Access databases and export as CSDGM compliant XML was released by the National Park Service. Eventually this application will be incorporated into the NPS Metadata Tools and Editor.
10/6/2006 Brian Turcotte of South Florida Water Management District described some interesting finds at the web site- including the Morpho editor for Ecological Metadata Language (EML) information.
8/31/2006 Chris Dietrich, National Park Service Natural Resource GIS Program advised that the NPS Metadata Tools Extension for ArcGIS developed by Eric Compas has evolved into the NPS Metadata Tools and Editor (MTE). This new tool incorporates the functions of the earlier tool with further capabilities to edit metadata based on the NPS Metadata Profile prior to upload to the NR-GIS Data Store. The tool achieves highest functionality when used as an ESRI ArcView/ArcGIS extension, but can also be used at lower functionality in standalone mode without requiring the ESRI software.
6/8/2006 Marco Boeringa (Nieuwland Automatisering) announced the availability of Theme Browser 4.1 to the metadata listserver. Theme Browser is an ArcCatalog-like metadata viewer for Arcview 3.x.
5/3/2006 David Rugg, USDA Forest Service posted an announcement of the release Metavist version 1.2 to the metadata list. Metavist is a standalone program to create CSDGM and NBII Profile metadata.
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The Tool Box

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General Rating Primary metadata standard for tool Associated GIS
Not reviewed CSDGM None
Excellent tool, maintained ISO ESRI ArcInfo, ArcView, or ArcGIS
Other tools in class more desirable Other Intergraph Geomedia and/or others
Metadata Editors & Suites
Tool Name / Source Vendor, Agency or Author Function Platform/OS/GIS
tkme / Peter Schweitzer (USGS) Multi-lingual CSDGM (1998) metadata creation tool MS-Windows. Linux and Solaris 7 SPARC require Tcl/Tk library installation. C source code available.
ArcCatalog / ESRI Intelligent CSDGM (1998) and ISO metadata creation tool for Arc/Info and ArcView MS-Windows NT/2000/XP with ArcGIS 8+ or with ArcView 8.1+
Spatial Metadata Management System (SMMS) / Intergraph Intelligent CSDGM (1998) metadata creation tool MS-Windows NT, 2000, XP. Version for GeoMedia requires GeoMedia.
FGDCMETA (AML) / Dan Nelson (Illinois State Geological Survey) Intelligent CSDGM metadata extractor tool for Arc/Info UNIX or MS-Windows Arc/Info when < version 8.0
xtme / Peter Schweitzer (USGS) Multi-lingual CSDGM (1998) metadata creation tool UNIX with XR5
Corpsmet95 / U.S. Army Corps of Engineers CSDGM metadata creation tool MS-Windows 95, NT
CatMDEdit / TeIDE consortium Intelligent metadata editor for ISO19115 and NEM and SDIGER profiles of ISO19115 Platform independent Java or 32-bit MS Windows
DataLogr / IMAGIN CSDGM metadata creation tool MS-Windows (32 bit versions)
Data Tracker GIS, Data Tracker FGDC/ AXON Systems, Inc. Intelligent CSDGM metadata creation tool with automated data inventory capabilities MS-Windows 95-XP
Enraemed/ GSDI Association and FGDC CSDGM, ISO, Dublin Core, and GILS metadata 'collector' tool with additional metadata 'explorer' and 'administrator' modules MS-Windows 95+
GEOSCOPE / Intelec Geomatics Inc. Metadata Creation Tool (Canada) MS-Windows NT
ISO Metadata Editor (IME) / INTA Metadata editor / validator following ISO19115/19139 JRE 5.0+ and MS Windows or Linux
M³Cat / Intelec Geomatics Inc. Multilingual CSDGM, GILS, NBII and ISO metadata standard metadata creation tool Server: Microsoft Windows with the IIS 4.0 module (NT Server, 2000, XP). or WorkStation with Peer Web Services installed
METADATA (AML) / Frank Roberts (Coeur d'Alene Tribe) Intelligent CSDGM metadata extraction tool ArcInfo for UNIX or MS-Windows
Meta-Door / Caro-COOPS Web application for importing, creating, validating and publishing FGDC metadata and information describing 'platforms,' 'sensors' and their data. Apparently: JRE, Ant, Tomcat, Struts and Apache
MetaLite / USGS, United Nations Environment Program Multilingual tool for entering a subset of CSDGM metadata MS-Windows 95, NT
MetaScribe / NOAA Coastal Services Center Template driven web application to aid in creating metadata for collections of a similar data type that have similar metadata record content web browser
MetaStar Data Entry / Blue Angel Technologies CSDGM, DIF, GILS, Dublin Core metadata tool MS-Windows 95, NT
Metavist 2005 / Dave Rugg, USFS R&D CSDGM and Biological Data Profile metadata editor; XML format with HTML export option. Program source code included on disc. MS-Windows 2000 or XP and Microsoft .Net Framework version 1.1
MMS MetaData System / Michiel Boelhouwer Metadata tool for ArcView ArcView 3.x
Morpho / Knowledge Network for Biocomplexity Create, edit, and search Ecological Metadata Language (EML) metadata and associated data Mac OS 8,9,X, Windows, or Linux and Java 1.3+
NPS Metadata Tools and Editor / National Park Service Intelligent editor for metadata according to NPS Profile of CSDGM (1998) ArcView/ArcGIS 8.3+
Three Tab Metadata Editor / Frank Roberts, Coeur d'Alene Tribe GIS Program Intelligent abbreviated FGDC and ISO metadata editor ESRI ArcCatalog 8 or 9
XMLInput / Mid Continent Mapping Center (USGS) CSDGM (1998), ESRI extended CSDGM, GILS metadata editor MS-Windows or UNIX with Java JDK 1.3+
Metadata Utilities
Tool Name / Source Vendor, Agency or Author Function Platform/OS/GIS
mp / Peter Schweitzer (USGS) Multi-lingual utility to check compliance of metadata with CSDGM (1998) and produce output in formatted text, HTML, SGML, XML or DIF form Solaris 7 SPARC, Linux, MS-Windows. C source code available.
DBFmeta / Peter Schweitzer (USGS) Intelligent CSDGM (1998) metadata extraction tool for attributes of .dbf files Solaris 7 SPARC, Linux, MS-Windows
cns (Chew and Spit) / Peter Schweitzer (USGS) Multi-lingual CSDGM (1998) metadata format preprocessor for mp Solaris 7 SPARC, Linux, MS-Windows
err2html / Peter Schweitzer (USGS) Utility to reformat mp's error report into more comprehensible form Solaris 7 SPARC, Linux, MS-Windows
Metadata Validation Service / Peter Schweitzer (USGS) Online implementation of mp Web browser and Internet connection
MP Batch / Intergraph GUI interface to mp and cns with batch capabilities Windows NT-XP and mp, cns
Theme Metadata (AVX) / Teresa Calmon (3001, Inc.) HTML metadata display extension for ArcView ArcView that supports extensions (3+, but < 8.1), and Web Browser
NPS Metadata Tools Extension for ArcGIS / Eric Compas (National Park Service) Batch metadata import/ export, mp access from ArcGIS, fix for attribute mismatch on metadata import. ArcView/ArcGIS 8.3+
Theme Browser > Producten > GIS / Nieuwland Automatisering Locates GIS data and metadata on a filesystem by data type and keywords. Displays metadata including XML styled by XSL document. ArcView 3.2+
Theme Locator Tool / GeoSnap Finds ArcInfo coverages, shape files, and CAD drawing files on filesystems ArcView 3.x
Metadata Servers
Tool Name / Source Vendor, Agency or Author Function Platform/OS/GIS
Isite / FGDC Z39.50 compliant metadata server (NSDI node supporting) Binaries available for Linux, Solaris, OSF/1, MS-Windows NT and 2000. C++ source code available to be compiled on other platforms
ArcIMS Metadata Server / ESRI Provides access to published ArcCatalog metadata by way of ArcIMS Metadata Browser or Z39.50 compliant metadata server (NSDI node supporting) ArcIMS 4 and ArcSDE
GeoConnect Geodata Management Server / Intergraph Metadata access manager, metadata search interface, Z39.50 compliant metadata server (NSDI node supporting). Hosting available. ASP web server, SQL Server 2000+ or Oracle 8+
Meta Manager / Compusult Limited Metadata access manager. Database schema mapping allows an organization to store metadata information in preferred format and retrieve it according to desired standard (e.g. GILS, FGDC GEO, ISO TC/211). Z39.50 compliant metadata server. Metadata information in an RDMS: Oracle, Microsoft Access, or Microsoft SQL Server
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This work has was begun as part of Wisconsin NSDI Clearinghouse activities (a 1994 CCAP project), was extended in support of the 'Metadata Primer' portion of the National States Geographic Information Council (NSGIC) 'Educational and Research Program in Support of Content Standards for Digital Geospatial Metadata' (a 1995 CCAP project), and continues with irregular updates and additions as time is available.

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