University of Wisconsin–Madison

County Surveyors Directory

As of March 2020, Wisconsin has 61 County Surveyors, of which 34 are full-time and 27 are part-time. Four counties have an elected County Surveyor position: Iowa, Portage, Sauk and Vilas.  Here is a printable copy of the County Surveyors Directory (including name, phone, email). Also available is a map showing the WisDOT Survey Coordinators and their contact information. NOTE: Currently the Survey and Plat Coordinator positions are vacant in the La Crosse Office. Please contact Jerry Glentz, Survey Section Supervisor at 608-785-9397 or Patrick Stankiewicz, Madison Survey Coordintor at 608-246-7918 for help with surveys in the La Crosse Office or Mick Heberlein at 608-243-5994. If you have corrections or updates regarding this directory, please contact WCSA Secretary Tom Leslie.

Last updated: March 10, 2020