State Cartographer’s Office Alumni

The State Cartographer’s Office has provided “service learning” opportunities for UW-Madison students for nearly 40 years. We deeply value the importance of connecting students to real-world problems as they begin their school-to-career transition.  We are exceptionally proud of the many successful students and staff who have worked at the SCO since 1974!

If you are an SCO alum, please send us a note and let us know what you are up to!

Adams, JessePrincipal GIS Specialist/Developer at North Point Geographic Solutions

Duluth, MN

Alumni - 2000s
Albritton, KeithAlumni - 1980s
Allen, MattAlumni - 1990s
Anderson, GaryAlumni - 1980s
Antonetti, GaryAlumni - 1980s
Aschenbrenner, LindaAlumni - 1980s
Babow, BarriSenior Program Manager, ExitCertifiedAlumni - 1990s
Bales, MargaretAlumni - 1980s
Balikov, MartyConsulting Services, EsriOlympia, WAAlumni - 1980s
Bancroft-Short, DawsonGeospatial Analyst at Continental Mapping Consultants

Sun Prairie, WI

Alumni - 2010s
Barker, GinaAlumni - 1980s
Barr, RoseAlumni - 2000s
Batchelor, MareAlumni - 1980s
Behrend, ClarenceAlumni - 1980s
Benstead (Strassheim), BarbaraDirector Program Management at American Medical AssociationChicago, ILAlumni - 1990s
Berry, MarthaAlumni - 1990s
Bhat, AbhishekMadison, WIAlumni - 2000s
Birch, DavidAlumni - 1980s
Bloch, MattGraphics Editor - New York TimesNew York, NYAlumni - 2000s
Bogenschneider, JeffApplication Architect, CoreLogic Insurance SolutionsAlumni - 1990s
Boley-May, SusanAlumni - 1980s
Bougie, MattMadison, WIAlumni - 2010s
Boyer, LaurieAlumni - 1980s
Branaszynski, DebraAlumni - 1970s
Bransky, AaronAlumni - 1980s
Brey, EricAlumni - 1990s
Bricknell, MichaelCartographer at Rowan Technologies Solutions LLCNew York, NYAlumni - 2010s
Brown, SallyAlumni - 1970s
Bruederle, Abbie

Cedarburg, WI

Alumni - 2020s
Buckingham (Anderson), TanyaAssistant Director, Cartography Laboratory, University of WisconsinMadison, WIAlumni - 2000s
Burgess, GenevieveCCI

Madison, WI

Alumni - 2020s
Burlew, PatriciaAlumni - 1970s
Bussian, SteveAlumni - 1980s
Butler, MarjorieAlumni - 1970s
Campbell, AlexPlatform Engineer at Esri

Denver, CO

Alumni - 2010s
Carlo, LouisAlumni - 1990s
Carmody, RobertAlumni - 1980s
Carnachan, RobAlumni - 1990s
Castello, SarahAlumni - 1980s
Chapiewsky, JaredWeb Systems Developer at Earthling InteractiveMadison, WIAlumni - 2000s
Cheng, MimiAlumni - 1990s
Chiriboga, EstebanGIS and Mining Specialist; Great Lakes Indian Fish & Wildlife Commission (GLIFWC)Madison, WIAlumni - 1990s
Cina, AlanAlumni - 1970s
Coats, WillAlumni - 1980s
Coles, GretchenAlumni - 1980s
Coppernoll, AustinGIS Analyst at EPCOR Water

Phoenix, AZ

Alumni - 2010s
Crossfield, JamesAlumni - 1980s
Czaplewski, JohnSoftware Engineer at Gaia GPS

Madison, WI

Alumni - 2010s
D’Onofrio, MikeAlumni - 1980s
Dahman, NidalAlumni - 1990s
Daniels, CharmaineAlumni - 1980s
Danielsen, DiannReal Estate Project Manager, WisDOT Bureau of AeronauticsMadison, WIAlumni - 2000s
Day, NateTransportation Planner, SEHMadison, WIAlumni - 2000s
Dechant, DarleneAlumni - 1970s
Dennis, ChristinaGraduate Student, UW-Madison Department of GeographyAlumni - 2020s
Donahue, PatrickFood and dairy Sanitarian at Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection

Madison, WI

Alumni - 2010s
Du, JinGraduate Student - University of Southern California

Los Angeles, CA

Alumni - 2020s
DuChateau, Jonathan (“JJ”)Enterprise Architect at UW-MadisonMadison, WIAlumni - 1980s
Duchelle, KathleenAlumni - 1980s
Duffin, KirstinReference Librarian, Eastern Illinois UniversityAlumni - 2010s
Dugan, JerryAlumni - 1970s
Ear-Dupuy, HaidySocial Development Specialist; Asian Development BankAlumni - 1990s
Edwards, JohnGIS Analyst, City of Seattle - Public Utilities DivisionSeattle, WAAlumni - 2000s
Eggen, JognAlumni - 1980s
Eibergen, AndreaGIS Intern at TDS Telecommunications

Madison, WI

Alumni - 2010s
English, CindyAlumni - 1980s
English, KathleenAlumni - 1970s
Erickson, ChristinaAlumni - 1980s
Evjen, MollyProgram Assistant at ShareVancouver, WAAlumni - 2010s
Exley, NickSenior GIS Analyst at HazardHub

Madison, WI

Alumni - 2010s
Falk, JeffAlumni - 1980s
Fialkowski, ConniDesigner at Celebrating HomeBroadhead, WIAlumni - 2000s
Fliege, SuzanneAlumni - 1990s
Fogel, SarahGraduate Student, University of KentuckyAlumni - 2020s
Fracqyk, IrenaAlumni - 1980s
Franzen, ArnAlumni - 1980s
Freeland, DavidAlumni - 1980s
Freeman, JasonAlumni - 1990s
Funcke, NeilAlumni - 1980s
Giblin, KateAlumni - 1990s
Gleason, AbbyGIS Specialist/Developer at North Point GIS

Madison, WI

Alumni - 2020s
Gleason, TomAlumni - 2000s
Goettsch, KenGIS Administrator; Dakota Electric AssociationAlumni - 1990s
Goodman, MikeAlumni - 1980s
Goral, SusanAlumni - 1980s
Goudreau, BrianSenior Geospatial Specialist; LeidosAlumni - 1990s
Graham, NancyAlumni - 1990s
Gregg, JoshGIS Specialist at U.S. Forest ServiceAlbuquerque, NMAlumni - 2010s
Grisbeck, DerekGIS & Application Specialist - MnIT

St. Paul, MN

Alumni - 2010s
Groth, ClaytonFull Stack Developer at Digital LocaleAlumni - 2010s
Gunther, PaulIT Manager, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, UW MadisonMadison, WIAlumni - 1990s
Gurda, BobRetiredMadison, WIAlumni - 2000s
Halsey, EllenAlumni - 1980s
Halton, RyanGIS Technician at Madison Gas and ElectricAlumni - 2010s
Hamlet, RitaAlumni - 1980s
Handley, DavidAlumni - 2000s
Hao, ShuguangSoftware Engineer at TripAdvisorBoston, MAAlumni - 2010s
Harring, LIndaAlumni - 1980s
Harris, FredAlumni - 2000s
Harris, MaryAlumni - 1970s
Harrison, SindenAlumni - 1980s
Haskins, SheilaAlumni - 2000s
Haupt, EricAlumni - 1980s
Hemstead, BrendaRetired

Madison, WI

Alumni - 2020s
Herubin, DaveAlumni - 1990s
Heyman, DavidAlumni - 2000s
Higginbotham, KristenAlumni - 1970s
Higginbotham, PaulAlumni - 1970s
Hirth, ReeseAlumni - 1990s
Horton, JoUSGS EROS Data Center

Sioux Falls, SD

Alumni - 2010s
Hruska, MikeMike Hruska SwimAlumni - 2010s
Huberty, SteveAlumni - 1990s
Ignatowski, SimonWeb Systems Developer at Earth Information Technologies, CorpMadison, WIAlumni - 2010s
Jackson, MaryAlumni - 2000s
Jacobson, KentAlumni - 2000s
Jain, ShellyAlumni - 2010s
James, SharonAlumni - 1990s
Janarathanan, VineshAlumni - 2020s
Jenkin, BarbAlumni - 1980s
Johnson, Mallory

Madison, WI

Alumni - 2020s
Johnson, MitchGIS Analyst at Madison Metropolitan Sewerage DistrictAlumni - 2010s
Johnson, SamAlumni - 2000s
Jordan, JimAlumni - 1990s
Kaeling, AlitaAlumni - 1970s
Kang, Sung-hyunSoftware Development Engineer at GE Healthcare

Milwaukee, WI

Alumni - 2010s
Karger, BonnerAssistant Director - Center for Extended Learning; Bemidji State UniversityMadison, WIAlumni - 2000s
Karlsson, AndreasManagement Information Consultant, DatalytyxLondon, UKAlumni - 2010s
Kattreh, LaurieAlumni - 1980s
Kelly, ShawnAlumni - 1980s
Kennedy, MarkAlumni - 1970s
Kennedy, TimothyGeospatial Analyst at Federal Government in Washington DC

Washington, D.C.

Alumni - 2010s
Koch, TedRetired, Emeritus State CartographerVerona, WIAlumni - 2000s
Koepsell, BettyAlumni - 1970s
Kohls, MelanieGIS Analyst at Cardno

Madison, WI

Alumni - 2020s
Kolb, JessAlumni - 1990s
Kolom, DougProduct Management; The NBT GroupAlumni - 1990s
Kornhoff, AmandaAlumni - 2000s
Koutnik, MikeAccount Manager, EsriSt. Paul, MNAlumni - 1990s
Kramer, LarryAlumni - 1980s
Krause, RandyAlumni - 1980s
Krug, CarolAlumni - 1980s
Krug, LizAlumni - 1990s
Kyngesburye, WilliamMapping SpecialistsMadison, WIAlumni - 1990s
Lacy, JimAssociate State Cartographer, State Cartographer's Office

Madison, WI

Alumni - 1990s
Laedlein, JohnGIS Data Administrator/Consultant at Wisconsin Department of Natural ResourcesMadison, WIAlumni - 1980s
Larson, DonProject Manager at Mapping Specialists, LtdMadison, WIAlumni - 1980s
Laux, JasonIT Support, Financial InstitutionAlumni - 1990s
Lawrence, RobertAlumni - 1990s
Lazar, RobertGIS Software Engineer, Rand McNallySkokie, ILAlumni - 1970s
Lee, Hsiang-yu KimieAlumni - 2000s
Lee, RichardSoftware Engineer at Microsoft

Seattle, WA

Alumni - 2010s
Li, ChangGraduate Student

London, UK

Alumni - 2020s
Limbach, AngieAssociate Database Analyst at ZywaveMilwaukee, WIAlumni - 2010s
Liu, GengkuiGIS Intern - American Family InsuranceAlumni - 2020s
Liu, HollyApplication DeveloperAlumni - 2010s
LoBue, PaulAlumni - 1980s
Lockling, EmilyGIS Intern

Lake Superior Reserve Headquarters
14 Marina Drive
Superior, Wisconsin 54880

Alumni - 2020s
Lord, MargaretAlumni - 1980s
Lu, RobertAlumni - 1980s
Lucas, EthanGraduate Student at The Ohio State University

Columbus, OH

Alumni - 2020s
Lynch, ScottAlumni - 1980s
Machi, CatrineAssociate, Alta Planning + DesignSan Francisco, CAAlumni - 2000s
Mamolou, NicholAlumni - 1980s
Mangin, SharonAlumni - 1980s
Margovsky, SergeFront End Web Developer, University of Wisconsin-MadisonMadison, WIAlumni - 2010s
Marks, JoeSoftware Developer at Epic, Inc.

Verona, WI

Alumni - 2010s
Marks, JohnAlumni - 2000s
Marueson, MilesAlumni - 1970s
Mason, GinnySenior Graphics Editor, Maps at National Geographic MagazineWashington, D.C.Alumni - 2000s
Massel, MattGIS Analyst at IEMAlumni - 2000s
Mattison, WendyAlumni - 1980s
Mayersak, KathleenAlumni - 1970s
Maynard, AubinEnvironmental Planner III at Metropolitan Washington Council of GovernmentsWashington, D.C.Alumni - 2000s
McCartney, M.CarolOutreach Manager at Wisconsin Geological and Natural History SurveyMadison, WIAlumni - 1970s
McFarlane, DuncanCyclomedia

Madison, WI

Alumni - 2020s
McGilligan, TobinData Analyst and Cartographer and CPCSAlumni - 2010s
McNair, KyleGIS Specialist

Madison, WI

Alumni - 2020s
Meddock, GaryAlumni - 1990s
Melum, MoniqueAlumni - 1990s
Mersey, BrentAlumni - 1970s
Mertes, CarlyDescartes LabsLos Alamos, NMAlumni - 2010s
Meyer, MichelleAlumni - 1980s
Michael, LauraAlumni - 1990s
Miller, ChristineAlumni - 2000s
Moreno, LeoPMO Business Analysis Consultant at CUNA Mutual GroupMadison, WIAlumni - 2000s
Moths, JessicaData Integration Consultant at Strata Decision TechnologyChicago, ILAlumni - 2010s
Moucka, ScottGIS Analyst at ERDMANMadison, WIAlumni - 2010s
Moye, TimAlumni - 1980s
Muench, HeidiAlumni - 1980s
Mullen, JackiAlumni - 2000s
Myers, ErikSoftware Developer / Web Cartographer at USGS Wisconsin Internet Mapping (WiM)Madison, WIAlumni - 2010s
Nellessen, AdamApplication Developer at Michels CorporationFond Du Lac, WIAlumni - 2000s
Nery, RichardAlumni - 1980s
Norenberg, JerryAlumni - 1980s
Obriefena, JerryAlumni - 1970s
Orenstein Buono, SkylarAlumni - 2010s
Ormont, WendyAlumni - 1980s
Overing, MarieIntern at the EU Satellite Centre

Madrid, Spain

Alumni - 2020s
Paling, SteveWeb Developer/Technical WriterIthaca, NYAlumni - 2010s
Panasci, TomAlumni - 1990s
Papcke, MarkAlumni - 1980s
Phillips, HughAlumni - 1990s
Piccirillo, JeffreyGIS DeveloperAlumni - 2010s
Piernot, DevonPlatform Configuration Engineer, ESRIMinneapolis, MNAlumni - 2000s
Purrington, RachaelAlumni - 1980s
Raimann, MargaretCartographer at XNR ProductionsAlumni - 2010s
Reinhard, ChristineAlumni - 1980s
Ren, RachelGraduate Student, University of Pennsylvania

Philadelphia, PA

Alumni - 2020s
Ripp, MorganConfiguration Specialist at Environmental Systems Research Institute (Esri)

St. Louis, MO

Alumni - 2010s
Roefler, TaraAlumni - 2000s
Rollman, ReneeEngineering Specialist at the City of GreenfieldGreenfield, WIAlumni - 2010s
Rouder, JaneAlumni - 1970s
Ruhren, TimImagery Data Manager, State of New YorkAlbany, NYAlumni - 1990s
Rumm, AnaAlumni - 2000s
Ruzycki, TomAlumni - 1980s
Samson, LeeEnterprise GIS Technical Architect; Wisconsin Department of AdministrationMadison, WIAlumni - 1990s
Sanders, CarolAlumni - 1980s
Schaad, GenevieveAssociate PM, Google MapsSeattle, WAAlumni - 2010s
Schaitel, MarvinAlumni - 1980s
Scheele, ChrisData Analytics Engineer at Arity

Chicago, IL

Alumni - 2010s
Schendel, RossTechnical Support Manager; Michels CorporationAlumni - 2000s
Schroeder, BenGIS Developer at EsriWashington, D.C.Alumni - 2010s
Schumacher, SamuelAlumni - 2010s
Schutt, ChrisAlumni - 2000s
See, CodieAlumni - 2010s
Seeber, JoannaAlumni - 2000s
Segal, BenIntern at Esri

Philadelphia, PA

Alumni - 2010s
Seibel, JoshGIS Analyst at Stantec

Cottage Grove, WI

Alumni - 2020s
Sevetson, AndreaAlumni - 1980s
Shanley, LeaCo-Executive Director of the South Big Data Innovation Hub

Chapel Hill, NC

Alumni - 2000s
Sheesley, BenDesigner and Co-Owner, Axis Maps LLCWaco, TXAlumni - 2000s
Sherman, BenAlumni - 1990s
Sidla, DanAlumni - 1990s
Siegfried, NikkoAlumni - 2020s
Simcock, AdamPresident, Earthling InteractiveMadison, WIAlumni - 2000s
Skrobak, ShelleyAlumni - 1970s
Smith, SusanAlumni - 1970s
Sontakke, NishigandhaGIS Specialist at Westwood Professional Services

Madison, WI

Alumni - 2010s
Steinhorst, JoleneAlumni - 1970s
Stephenson, AaronFull Stack Developer / Cloud Solutions Architect at U.S. Geological Survey (USGS)Madison, WIAlumni - 2000s
Stewart, AlanAlumni - 1980s
Stone, JeffProject Manager and GIS Business Analyst,Association of State Floodplain ManagersMadison, WIAlumni - 2000s
Stuber, AnneAlumni - 1980s
Sullivan, JerryGIS Project Manager, Wisconsin DNRMadison, WIAlumni - 2000s
Sundeen, KimGIS Software Engineer at SSP Innovations, LLCAlumni - 2010s
Tang, Chin-chunAlumni - 1990s
Ten Bensel, DrewGIS Specialist at Lower Platte North Natural Resources District

Wahoo, NE

Alumni - 2020s
Tenenbaum, DanielAlumni - 2000s
Torres, AaronAlumni - 2020s
Udell, JohnAlumni - 1970s
Utebaliyeva, MairaGIS Technician, WorleyParsons KazakhstanAlumni - 2010s
Van Den Hoek, JamonNASA Postdoctoral FellowWashington, D.C.Alumni - 2000s
Van Dyle, GerolynAlumni - 1970s
Van Pay, BrianForeign Affairs Officer; U.S. Department of StateAlumni - 1990s
VonGlahn, ShellySole Proprietor / Graphic Designer at Bee Kind DesignMadison, WIAlumni - 2000s
Wagner, KurtAlumni - 2000s
Walkey, JohnDevelopment Manager; Alternatives for Community and EnvironmentAlumni - 1990s
Wallace, ScottAlumni - 1990s
Wallace, WoodyVP, Business Services at Earthling InteractiveMadison, WIAlumni - 2000s
Walter, MarkBusiness Development Manager at Brown County Port & Resource RecoveryGreen Bay, WIAlumni - 1980s
Wang, ShujinAlumni - 2020s
Webb, JoyAlumni - 1990s
Webster, DanAlumni - 1980s
Wentz, RandallAlumni - 1980s
Westbury, WillPharmetikaMadison, WIAlumni - 2010s
Whipple (Weitzel), AnnaGIS Manager, City of Des MoinesAlumni - 1990s
White, KevinAlumni - 2000s
Wilcox, JuliaAlumni - 2000s
Wiljanen, MarkAlumni - 1980s
Wilz, EliasScientific Programmer at Conservation InternationalAlumni - 2020s
Witcher, LindaAlumni - 1970s
Wolters, CaitlinIndependent ContractorMadison, WIAlumni - 2010s
Wooding, BettejaneAlumni - 1980s
Wortley, AJProject Manager at Earthling Interactive

Madison, WI

Alumni - 2010s
Yde, HelenAlumni - 1990s
Yen, Bi-shingAlumni - 1990s
Zellmer, RickRegional Training Coordinator & Instructor, EsriSt. Paul, MNAlumni - 1980s
Zhou, NaijunLecturer, University of Maryland Dept. of Geographical SciencesCollege Park, MDAlumni - 2000s
Ziegler, ArtState Cartographer - DeceasedAlumni - 1970s