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Browse the list below for GIS/mapping jobs located in and around Wisconsin. In addition to receiving job announcements directly from employers, we also proactively seek out job postings from a variety of online sources. If you wish to contribute an announcement to this page for a position located in Wisconsin or a surrounding state, please e-mail us the details. This is a free service for employers!

Real Property Lister LTELincoln County Land ServicesMerrill, WI01/23/202002/05/2020Limited Term2020-01-23 08:51:312020-02-05 00:00:00
GIS LTELincoln County Land ServicesMerrill, WI01/23/202002/05/2020Limited Term2020-01-23 08:48:062020-02-05 00:00:00
GIS InternBayfield CountyWashburn, WI01/22/202001/26/2020Internship2020-01-22 07:23:122020-01-26 00:00:00
Land SurveyorRobert E. Lee & Associates, Inc.Hobart, WI01/21/2020Full Time2020-01-21 09:06:20
GIS Coordinator / Land Information OfficerLafayette CountyLafayette County, WI01/17/2020Full Time2020-01-17 11:15:03
GIS InternDairyland Power CooperativeLa Crosse, WI01/16/2020Internship2020-01-16 10:25:07
MPO InternJanesville Metropolitan Planning OrganizationJanesville,WI01/16/202002/04/2020Internship2020-01-16 10:13:202020-02-04 00:00:00
Seasonal Survey Crew ChiefCity of Eau ClaireEau Claire, WI01/15/2020Full Time2020-01-15 12:07:25
Survey Crew TechnicianContinental MappingSun Prairie, WI01/15/2020Full Time2020-01-15 12:00:42
GIS InternSauk CountyBaraboo, WI01/15/202002/09/2020Internship2020-01-15 11:49:212020-02-09 00:00:00
GIS SpecialistOneida NationOneida, WI01/15/2020Full Time2020-01-15 11:39:42
Professional Land SurveyorHBK EngineeringChicago, IL01/15/2020Full Time2020-01-15 11:30:56
Data Senior Project ManagerSSP InnovationsMukwanago, WI01/15/2020Full Time2020-01-15 09:33:26
Data Project ManagerSSP InnovationsMukwanago, WI01/15/2020Full Time2020-01-15 09:26:15
GIS InternXcel Energy Minneapolis, MN01/14/2020Internship2020-01-14 15:29:47
Associate Planner / GIS CoordinatorCity of HudsonHudson, WI01/14/202002/14/2020Full Time2020-01-14 15:08:322020-02-14 00:00:00
Land Survey InternMinnesota Department of Natural ResourcesSt. Paul, MN01/08/202001/31/2020Internship2020-01-08 09:47:172020-01-31 00:00:00
County SurveyorBayfield CountyWashburn, WI01/03/202001/26/2020Full Time2020-01-03 11:01:262020-01-26 00:00:00

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