University of Wisconsin–Madison

PLSS Work Group

The Public Land Survey System (PLSS) is Wisconsin’s very first infrastructure and serves as the essential framework for property ownership. Without a properly maintained network of PLSS corner monuments, there is an increased risk of property disputes, inequitable taxation, disagreements about resource rights, confusion over easement locations, and unnecessary expenditures by private citizens and local governments. PLSS is the very foundation for determining the location of nearly every property description in Wisconsin.

Who We Are: The PLSS Workgroup was formed by individuals and organizations in Wisconsin to advocate and advance the purpose and importance of the Public Land Survey System. Our goal is to educate and encourage State, County and Municipal agencies in improving, advancing and maintaining the Public Land Survey System statewide.


Position Statement & Cover Letter

Wisconsin Counties Association Magazine – August 2016 Issue: The PLSS – A Dependable Land Ownership Foundation

Wisconsin Counties Association Magazine – September 2016 Issue:The PLSS – An Essential Network Worthy of Protection

Wisconsin Counties Association Magazine – October 2016 Issue:The PLSS – Reestablishing the Land Ownership Network for Future Needs

Last updated: November 27, 2017