Wisconsin Outline Maps

Thumbnail of Wisconsin outline map.We offer a variety of digital outline maps for use in various graphics, illustration, or office software. The map graphics available for download have been derived from several common layers of digital GIS data. All of the statewide GIS data layers used were processed by state agencies and exist in the Wisconsin Transverse Mercator coordinate system.

Of the formats below, Adobe PDF files are generally best for printing. Each of the counties in the Adobe Illustrator (AI) file type is encoded as a closed polygons. Therefore, individual counties can be selected, filled with colors and patterns. The remaining types (TIFF, PNG) are standard graphic formats that can be opened in most graphic viewers, editors, and word processors.

These files may be used freely without restriction.  Credit to the State Cartographer’s Office is appreciated.


County Outlines  346Kb  175Kb  25Kb  291Kb
County Outlines with County Names  583Kb  859Kb  38Kb  474Kb
County Outlines with Major Waterways  784Kb  216Kb  34Kb  743Kb
County Outlines with Major Waterways and County Names  1.1Mb  1.4Mb  60Kb  790Kb
County Outlines with Open Water  1.49Mb  375Kb  60Kb  1.5Mb
County Outlines with Major Highways  704Kb  383Kb  78Kb  604Kb
State Outline  180Kb  133Kb  19Kb  125Kb
State Outline with Major Waterways  622Kb  176Kb  28Kb  583Kb
State Outline with Open Water  1.4Mb  338Kb  52Kb  1.4Mb
Last updated: December 4, 2020