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Environmental Specialist

Wisconsin Valley Improvement Company (WVIC)

This is an EXPIRED job listing. Do not apply for this position!

Location: Wausau, WI
Type: Full Time
Posted: 04/16/2018
Deadline to Apply: 05/18/2018
More Information: WVIC Website

Job Summary:

Wisconsin Valley Improvement Company (WVIC) has a rewarding opportunity to become part of our team working out of our headquarters located in Wausau, Wisconsin. WVIC is a small, private corporation licensed by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to operate 21 storage reservoirs located throughout northern and central Wisconsin. This position is an integral part of the Environmental Department and provides technical and professional assistance related to water quality, recreation, fish & wildlife management, land resource management, and historic resource monitoring, reports and plans.

Primary Duties:

Depending on experience and skillset, potential responsibilities include but are not limited to involvement in the following:

  • Water Quality Monitoring
    • Coordinate water chemistry monitoring efforts with internal and external partners (including Trophic State Index Monitoring, Quarterly Man-made Reservoir Monitoring, Bi-monthly Headwater/Tailwater Monitoring, and Eau Pleine Reservoir Winter D.O. Monitoring)
    • Maintain and update the water quality database, prepare summaries and reports, distribute data and ensure quality control
  • Recreation Management
    • Oversee management and monitoring of recreational sites on WVIC reservoirs including recreational site assessments, use capacity, amenity adequacy, public use impacts and signage
    • Plan, budget and coordinate recreational site improvement projects
    • Identify and address recreational site maintenance and safety issues in coordination with Operations and Field Services staff
  • Fish and Wildlife Management
    • Assist WDNR with spring and fall fish surveys on WVIC reservoirs and compile and interpret fisheries data for FERC reporting
    • Design and conduct botanical studies including aquatic macrophyte surveys and invasive species monitoring and control programs
    • Provide compliance guidance and update plans as needed to address State and Federal threatened and endangered species for WVIC reservoirs
  • Land Management
    • Conduct shoreline monitoring and erosion control projects including methods development and implementation
    • Review, analyze and track management plans for USFS, WDNR and County forests, parks, and properties in and around WVIC’s reservoirs
    • Assist with implementing WVIC’s land use policy and Use License Agreement program by performing field inspections and monitoring land for unauthorized activities
  • Historic Resource Management
    • Assist with cultural and historic resource monitoring, planning and reporting requirements

Other Duties:

  • Prepare or assist with monitoring, reports and plans related to WVIC’s FERC license administration, including the Water Quality, Recreation, Land Resource, Fish & Wildlife and Historic Resource Management plans
  • Review, analyze and provide feedback on land and water management plans, research papers, proposals, and permits from a variety of entities including: USFS, USFWS, WDNR, USGS, USACE, lake associations/districts, private consultants and academic institutions
  • Train and supervise Limited Term Employees as needed for data collection and other environmental or recreational projects
  • Provide field assistance and obtain permits as necessary for environmental projects
  • Collect field data using GPS devices and utilize ArcGIS to input and edit spatial/attribute data and create custom map products
  • Provide environmental/recreational website content with a web content management system
  • Establish and maintain effective relationships with local, state and federal regulatory agencies, the public and other stakeholders
  • Assist in preparing the annual environmental budget and invoicing for areas of responsibility
  • Maintain environmental/recreational records in central files and electronic databases
  • Assist with reservoir and river operations by assuming weekend duties on a rotational basis


  • A Bachelor of Science degree with a broad environmental resource background or equivalent experience or training
  • A minimum of 3 years of professional experience in the environmental resources field
  • Demonstrated ability to write clearly and concisely for internal and external communications
  • Possess good verbal communication skills for a variety of audiences
  • Proficient with standard Office products and software including Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint
  • Ability to analyze and interpret scientific reports, tables, charts and data
  • Excellent organizational skills with attention to detail
  • Experience with ArcGIS platform that includes data management and map creation
  • Ability to prioritize and productively manage multiple projects simultaneously
  • Experience interpreting Federal, State and County regulations, statutes and codes
  • Self-motivated to learn and utilize emerging technologies and processes for addressing environmental needs
  • Adaptable with problem solving capabilities both in the field and office
  • Must be able to perform outdoor duties in all types of weather
  • Ability to operate many types of field equipment (motor boat, snowmobile, water chemistry equipment, GPS etc.)
  • Willingness to work other than scheduled hours when needed

To Apply:

To apply, send cover letter and resume by May 18, 2018 to:

Wisconsin Valley Improvement Company
2301 N. Third St.
Wausau WI, 54403


Email cover letter and resume to: