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GIS Analyst

Scott County

This is an EXPIRED job listing. Do not apply for this position!

Location: Davenport, IA
Type: Full Time
Posted: 09/14/2018
Deadline to Apply: 10/15/2018
Payrate: $50,274 - $59,197/yr
More Information: Scott County Job Posting

Job Summary:

The Incumbent will be part of a professional and conscientious team whose focus is to build, maintain and continuously improve the Scott County Geographic Information System for its intended purpose of delivering quality County services and improving the efficiency of County business practices. The incumbent will be involved in many aspects of GIS stewardship including data development, software support, application development, mobile and web based GIS, data analysis and distribution, research, and the production of reports, maps and other GIS outputs. The incumbent will work very closely with individual County departments and offices to meet their specific GIS needs.


  • Develops, documents, maintains and validates enterprise GIS applications and data. Utilizes ESRI’s desktop, enterprise and SaaS products to fulfill GIS responsibilities as assigned.
  • Develops and provides custom tools, processes, web services and applications to support and enhance GIS data, access and analysis. Employs available GIS software functionality, programming, scripts, models or other methods as required to accomplish these tasks.
  • Administers County’s Geographical Information System (GIS) including server and client software installation, GIS/legacy data integration, software updates and maintenance, licensing, troubleshooting, user support and performance monitoring. Promotes effective use of GIS software and technology and sees that users have reliable access to accurate, complete and well documented data.
  • Researches changes and advancements in GIS technology/practices and assists in the development of County GIS vision and implementation of new solutions.
  • Provides support to individual offices and departments within Scott County. Interacts with county staff to meet their GIS business needs and guide development of department-specific GIS projects. Combines GIS analysis, data integration/development, and cartographic skills to prepare and publish professional, meaningful maps, charts, reports or other outputs as needed.
  • Discusses, plans, and implements County department and office business process redesign through GIS integration.
  • Deploys GPS technologies to expand mobile capabilities of specific departments and offices.
  • Attends and participates in GIS Steering and Technical Committee meetings, subcommittee meetings and project meetings as necessary. Provides users with updates, makes recommendations, and receives feedback regarding current and future projects/needs.
  • Provides GIS education and training programs for County staff across a broad range of skill sets and experience levels. Creates documentation to support training and best practices.
  • Supports various methods of data access and distribution including web-based GIS applications, data transfers, portable deployments such as ArcGIS Mobile, ArcReader, etc.
  • Interacts with outside entities and members of the public as required. Responds to public data requests.
  • Performs other job-related duties as necessary or assigned.



  • B.S. in Geographic Information Systems, Geography, Computer Science or related field required.

Work Experience:

  • Two to three years of work experience in Geographic Information Systems coordination, planning and analysis is required.

NOTE: May substitute suitable work experience for education requirement.

Essential skills:

  • Demonstrated GIS/technical skill in areas such as; geodatabase design, cadastral mapping, coordinate geometry (COGO), center line mapping, historical data archival/retrieval, county addressing, land surveying, cartography, aerial imagery acquisition, topology, versioning, data modeling, programming, complex spatial data analysis, metadata creation and data publishing, information policy and data quality standards.
  • Proven practical application of GIS in areas such as; Web-based GIS, Public Safety, Site Analysis, Conservation, Economic Development, Engineering, Tax Parcel Management, Crime Analysis, E-911, Emergency Management, Hydrology, Planning and Community Development, Asset Management, Survey Control, Permitting, Tracking/Routing, Document Management, Soils/Geology, Health and Environmental Management/Analysis, Land Assessment, Districting, etc.
  • Knowledge and experience with ESRI GIS products including ArcGIS Desktop, ArcPro, ArcGIS Enterprise, ArcGIS Online, ArcSDE, ArcPad, Survey 123, Collector, and Web App Builder. Experience with related third party GIS, CAD or imaging software helpful.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of MS Windows Server, MS SQL or comparable RDBMS, MS Desktop Operating Systems, and MS Office. Experience with Python, HTML5, JavaScript preferred.
  • Demonstrated GPS technologies experience, including use of GPS receivers, software and familiarity with GPS concepts and best practices.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of public domain data.
  • Effective communication skills including written, verbal and listening skills. Must be able to explain concepts clearly, logically, with precision in oral, written and graphical form, and in a manner understood by technical personnel, county personnel, and the general public. Demonstrated presentation skills.
  • Proven ability to develop and maintain highly effective relationships and use tact and professionalism when working with all levels of county employees, the public and various outside agencies. Demonstrates a courteous, trustworthy and responsive attitude towards others.
  • Demonstrated problem solving skills including the ability to troubleshoot, diagnose and develop innovative and effective solutions to diverse challenges and circumstances. Must be creative, flexible and persistent in striving to meet deadlines.
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality.
  • Ability to work both independently and as part of a team. Ability to work accurately with attention to detail, and to follow complex written or oral instructions.
  • Must be able to pass a background investigation.

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