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Fire Data Analyst LTE

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

This is an EXPIRED job listing. Do not apply for this position!

Location: Madison, WI
Type: Limited Term
Posted: 12/06/2018
Deadline to Apply: 12/14/2018
Payrate: $19.98 - $24.97/hr
More Information: DNR Job Posting

Job Summary:

This position will be responsible for spatial data accuracy and analysis in support of ongoing and planned wildfire risk assessments throughout the Northeast Region. Under general supervision, the Specialist will analyze fire-related spatial data accuracy (50%) and conduct spatial analyses, provide technical support and consultation in support of Agency research projects (50%). This position is based within the WI Department of Natural Resources in Madison, WI. The Analyst will work closely with a Data Services Specialist to address concerns from a multi-state steering committee, state and federal agencies as well as numerous partner groups to resolve conflicts and problems through the skilled inventory, application and analyses of data and associated policy ramifications. Work will be centered on thoroughly understanding, analyzing, organizing, documenting and delivering data improvements particularly related to wildfire risk assessment. This position will require exceptional organizational and analytical skills.


50% Analyze fire-related spatial data accuracy

  • Run fire behavior simulations to compare with observed behavior.
  • Compare fire occurrence data captured in different databases, identifying mismatches and tracking down the source of the differences.
  • Compare different national and local vegetation datasets in relation to their impact on fuels
  • Conduct accuracy assessment on LANDFIRE Remap data when it is released.

50% Conduct spatial analyses, provide analytical technical support and consultation in support of Agency research projects.

  • Provide spatial analytical support in collaboration with Agency researchers, especially in wildfire risk mapping
  • Provide technical support of data modeling tools, data design tools, GIS software, repositories, and data reporting tools.



Knowledge of, or ability to quickly learn, the organizational, technical capabilities, and functions of; Federal, state and local government agencies and their use of geographic information to coordinate land boundary, land ownership, land-use, and fire management data collection activities. The ability to use such knowledge to propose and coordinate solutions to management problems. Strong relational database management skills. Experience using GIS data to solve complex problems.


Basic knowledge of Fuels & Fire Behavior. Ability to use GIS utility software formats (MrSid, Arclnfo GRID, ERDAS Imagine, Projection utilities) to manipulate spatial data in the accomplishment of Northeastern area fire user goals. Experience with R or python coding for spatial analysis.

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