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Data Specialist LTE

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

This is an EXPIRED job listing. Do not apply for this position!

Location: Madison, WI
Type: Limited Term
Posted: 12/06/2018
Deadline to Apply: 12/14/2018
Payrate: $19.98 - $24.97/hr
More Information: DNR Job Posting

Job Summary:

Under general supervision, the Specialist’s primary responsibilities will be to provide GIS and spatial analysis expertise, technical support and consultation to a variety of internal and external partners. The Specialist will develop and maintain databases of fire-related spatial data (60%) and develop, design, and output cartographic products for GIS data customers (40%). This work will help the Northeast Region understand what data are available and how it is being used. The Specialist will be part of a collaborative team and will support the GIS and spatial analysis subject matter expert on various LANDFIRE, forestry and fire ecology research projects. The Specialist will work closely with various project partners, providing technical support and consultation. This position will require a highly organized and detail-oriented individual, to organize and manage disparate data from a large geographic area.


60% Develop and maintain databases of fire-related spatial data in the Northeast

  • Collect and organize fire occurrence information from several databases for the 20 states in the Northeast-Midwest
  • Collect and maintain database of fire-related raster datasets for the region such as LANDFIRE, other land cover datasets, risk outputs, state vegetation classifications.
  • Develop and implement procedures to manage technical information with consistency and quality.

40% Develop, design and output cartographic products for GIS data customers, including maps and map series.

  • Conduct complex analysis and display of fire-related data in a geographic dimension.
  • Create static maps for the region as well as interactive web mapping interfaces.



The ability to gather and maintain GIS data and manipulate geodatabases. Comprehensive GIS knowledge, understanding, and skill with raster and vector data manipulation. Operate a GIS workstation with full knowledge of the Windows operating system and its interface with other specific mapping, and computational software.


Knowledge of, and the ability to develop, accurate data from source material with a variety of scales, levels of reliability, and amounts of detail. The ability to complete high quality work and adhere to a timeline with little supervision, knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, GIS, and ArcMap programs, detail oriented and enthusiasm for learning. Experience with complex GIS data management and creating and maintaining metadata. Experience using ArcGIS online or other web mapping interfaces.

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