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Archived Wisconsin Geospatial Jobs

Information Processing Consultant

Wisconsin State Cartographer's Office

This is an EXPIRED job listing. Do not apply for this position!

Location: Madison, WI
Type: Full Time
Posted: 06/06/2019
Deadline to Apply: 06/19/2019

The Wisconsin State Cartographer’s Office (SCO), a unit within the Department of Geography at UW-Madison, seeks a qualified individual to develop and maintain geospatial technologies in support of the SCO’s mission. This includes the development, deployment, and ongoing maintenance of open source and commercial geographic information system (GIS) software tools in traditional and web-based applications, as well as coordination of selected special projects.

The SCO — with a statutory mission of outreach, information/data dissemination, and coordination — gathers, maintains and delivers information about mapping and geospatial activities in the state. It accomplishes and coordinates these duties through various means, including print and web publications, presentations at conferences and workshops, and leadership and participation on statewide and local councils, associations, committees, taskforces, and consortia.

Degree and Area of Specialization

Bachelor’s Degree in Geography, Cartography, Geographic Information Systems, Computer Science, or related field.

Work Experience

A Bachelor’s Degree in another area of study combined with a graduate certificate in GIS, or combined with two years of experience in mapping and/or GIS applications may be substituted for the above requirement.


  1. Strong GIS skills. Hands-on experience with geospatial data and GIS software, including raster and vector data, large datasets, spatial analysis, and model building.
  2. Demonstrated experience writing scripts for geospatial data processing, including Python and ArcPy.
  3. Demonstrated experience creating new web mapping applications using technology such as JavaScript, Leaflet and CARTO.
  4. Experience with multi-user spatial databases such as PostGIS, including installation and configuration.
  5. Experience with collaborative environments such as GitHub.
  6. Effective oral and written communication skills.
  7. Strong collaborative skills.
  8. Ability to plan, think strategically, be creative, and self-motivated.