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First American

This is an EXPIRED job listing. Do not apply for this position!

Location: Madison, WI
Type: Full Time
Posted: 06/12/2019
Deadline to Apply: Open - no deadline given by employer
More Information: First American Job Posting

Job Summary:

The Land Surveyor reviews the work performed by all Field Tech’s, review and direct drafting on appropriate boundary solutions, review and certify that written descriptions of land and completed work meet legal requirements. Normally reports to Director of Field Operations.


  • Calculate heights, depths, relative positions, property lines, and other characteristics of property and terrain.
  • Conduct research in surveying and mapping methods, using knowledge of techniques of photogrammetric map compilation and electronic data processing.
  • Write descriptions of property boundary surveys for use in deeds, leases, or other legal documents.
  • Prepare and maintain sketches, maps, reports, and legal descriptions of surveys in order to describe, certify, and assume liability for work performed.
  • Verify the accuracy of survey data, including measurements and calculations conducted at survey sites.


  • Knowledge of public land survey system, AutoCAD experience, good computer skills, ability to research survey issues, with good working knowledge of GPS, total stations and data collection.
  • Work is composed of section breakdowns, metes and bounds, ALTA Commercial Surveys, residential title surveys, lot surveys, topographic surveys, etc.
  • State Licensed PLS, PSM, RPLS or LS with experience.

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