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GIS Analyst


This is an EXPIRED job listing. Do not apply for this position!

Location: Madison, WI
Type: Full Time
Posted: 08/22/2019
Deadline to Apply: Open - no deadline given by employer
More Information: TRC Job Posting

Job Summary:

TRC is seeking a GIS Analyst (level I or II) to work in our ECR Practice in Madison, WI. Project work will primarily be environmental in nature, including site remediation, permitting, construction and responses to agency requests. Typical work will primarily involve map and figure production to present complex analytical data, data processing and data entry, geographic data creation, data editing, data management, data analysis, research, and reporting. ArcGIS Pro and Desktop 10.5+, graphic design tools, and other necessary software applications will be used to assist other GIS staff with large project work and will be used to independently serve other projects.


The GIS Analyst will work with engineers, hydrogeologists, project managers, and other technical staff in the Madison office and other TRC offices nationwide. The ability to maintain a high level of skills in: organization, communication, cartographic design, and efficient map production, while meeting tight deadlines on multiple concurrent projects will be essential.


The applicant should demonstrate proficiency and experience using ESRI’s ArcGIS for Desktop suite of software for map production and analysis. The candidate must have the ability to manage multiple project needs concurrently and in a time-sensitive manner. The candidate should be able demonstrate skills including: confort with concepts of database management and design, geographic data management, vector feature creation and editing, geoprocessing using ArcToolbox/Model Builder, raster manipulation and analysis (Spatial Analyst extension), georeferencing and digitizing data, TIN and 3D data management (3D Analyst). Additional desirable skills for highly qualified candidates would include: graphic and cartographic design with Adobe Illustrator or similar software, SQL/PostgreSQL database development and management, analytical/chemical data management, ArcGIS online and webmap development and management, groundwater or subsurface modeling, or other demonstrable skills applicable to TRC’s project work such as wetland or cultural resource delineations.

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