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Northern Illinois University

This is an EXPIRED job listing. Do not apply for this position!

Location: DeKalb, IL
Type: Full Time
Posted: 11/04/2019
Deadline to Apply: 11/11/2019
More Information: Cartographer

Primary Function

This position is Supervisor/Cartographer in the cartographic services section of the Department
of Geography’s Laboratory for Cartography and Spatial Analysis. The lab provides a mix of
cartographic and graphics production services in support of the teaching, research, and service
missions of Northern Illinois University. The position of Supervisor/Cartographer contributes to
the department’s undergraduate and graduate curricula in mapping science and map design
through direct and mentored instruction. The position supervises a production cartography
facility providing client-based map and graphics production, with responsibilities for managing
as many as three full-time staff and up to 10 student workers. The supervisor cartographer takes
a lead role in activities related to client-based map production, including: design analysis and
budgeting; preparation of prototypes; management of personnel and work flow; quality control
and editing; specification of printing requirements; print proofing; and archival maintenance of
cartographic databases.

Duties and Responsibilities (generally)

The Supervisor/Cartographer consults with the department Chair on the mission of the
cartography unit and its scope of services as well as on matters relating to instruction, budgets
and personnel. In matters related client-based services, the Supervisor/Cartographer works
directly with the client to establish guidelines for product quality and timely completion of
projects. This requires fundamental knowledge of cartographic design principles and modern
production processes- including computer cartography, digital graphics, and color printing.
This position oftentimes serves as the primary liaison between the client and others involved in
the production process, coordinating the delivery of a final product that best serves the client’s
needs and goals. The Supervisor/Cartographer is responsible for keeping abreast of technology
and other developments in cartographic production and for maintaining the capabilities of the
cartographic unit and its staff. The Supervisor/Cartographer is expected to be familiar with the
Business Affairs Procedure Manual and personnel practices of the university.

Minimum Required Qualifications for this position

1. (a) Bachelor’s degree in geography or cartography and one year of experience in cartographic research or production
or (b) Master’s degree in geography or cartography

Education and Experience Preferred

Requirements: 1) M.A./M.S. in Geography or Cartography, preferably with experience in GIS and map production OR B.A./B.S. in Geography or Cartography with two years of experience in GIS and map production. 2) Demonstrated background in map design and cartographic communication, experience with Geographic Information Systems, experience with presentation and Office productivity software, and an understanding of the map production process from design through color printing. This position involves substantial interaction with faculty, staff, students and other professionals.