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GIS Analyst

Vilas County

This is an EXPIRED job listing. Do not apply for this position!

Location: Eagle River, WI
Type: Full Time
Posted: 03/04/2020
Deadline to Apply: Open - no deadline given by employer
More Information: Vilas County Employment

The GIS Analyst is a senior technician who is responsible for spatial analysis and more senior responsibilities on projects while assisting in the development, maintenance, coordination, and support of the County’s Geographic/Land Information System (GIS/LIS), and to advance the goals of the County’s Land Information Plan. All duties and responsibilities are performed under and subject to the review and guidance of the GIS Administrator /LIO and the Land Information Committee.

Essential Duties

1. Develops and maintains digital point, arc, and polygon geospatial within a relational database management
2. Develops, writes, documents, and tests computer programs and interfaces using the appropriate
programming languages, file techniques, and standards for GIS/LIS related data.
3. Performs complex analytical functions for the search and query of geographic information.
4. Assists in training county personnel in the use of GIS/LIS data sets and applications.
5. Assists the public in the search of geographic information.
6. Assists in the preparation of all digital mapping and creates maps to portray data in an understandable and
aesthetically pleasing format.
7. Develops, maintains and updates the online mapping system.
8. Administers relational databases.
9. Assists Information Technology Department to manage functionality of Mapping Department data server and
web server.
10. Creates custom datasets and map projects for County departments and the public as requested.
11. In cooperation with the GIS Administrator /LIO, assists to maintain all computer hardware, software, and
related devices.
12. Attends conferences, seminars, meetings, and educational training to maintain competency and awareness of
trends, legislation, and technology related to GIS and Land Information Systems. Presents at conferences to
showcase the County’s GIS related accomplishments.
13. Assists the GIS Administrator /LIO to prepare and maintain user and system documentation (metadata) for
all data entry and GIS information.
14. Trouble shoots technology issues such as Geodatabase connectivity, Web system accessibility, GIS softwarerelated issues requiring technical support, and miscellaneous office software issues.
15. Creates office reference materials.
16. Develops custom coded Advanced GIS tools, such as calculation and labeling expressions using Visual Basic,
Arcade, and Python batch files for automating DOS-based tasks; expressions for creating custom tables and
views from existing tax/GIS data.
17. Supervises the Land Information and Mapping Department in the absence of the GIS Administrator/LIO.
18. All other duties as assigned.

Essential Skills Required

• Knowledge of GIS/LIS with emphasis on land records, data conversion, and supported databases.
• Knowledge and experience with Macros or other object-oriented programming skills, such as, Visual Basic,
Arcade, or Python.
• Knowledge of Windows 10 environment.
• Knowledge and ability to use computer hardware and software related to GIS/LIS including advanced GIS
tools, Microsoft software suite, relational database, Adobe Acrobat, Visual Basic, Arcade, or Python.
• Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing with the public, other departments, GIS users,
and other support staff.
• Ability to analyze land information data and to advise others on the use of the County’s GIS.
• Familiarity with networking and software/hardware configurations.
• Ability to add, subtract, multiply,