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Assistant Real Property Lister

Oneida County

This is an EXPIRED job listing. Do not apply for this position!

Location: Rhinelander, WI
Type: Full Time
Posted: 06/22/2020
Deadline to Apply: 07/06/2020
More Information: Assistant Real Property Lister

Job Description

Assists the Real Property Lister/Assessment Coordinator with performing duties under WI Stat 70.09 following prescribed and established procedures for maintaining accurate real property listings to produce the assessment workbooks and rolls by coordinating the data exchange with all Town and City Assessors, State agencies and municipal clerks; reviewing all recorded real estate transactions for correct title and ownership; and creates and prints the tax bills for all Towns and City.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Statutory duties required under WI Stat 70.09, prepares and maintains accurate ownership and description information for all parcels of real property in the county. This shall include Parcel numbers, owner names and mailing address, accurate legal descriptions as shown on the latest records of the office of the register of deeds, the number of acres in the parcel if more than one, school district and special purpose district codes, assessment valuations and processing electronic transfer returns (E-Returns).
  • Reviews recorded documents such as deeds, Trusts, affidavits, termination of interests, judgments, road dedications and vacations, transfer on death, correction instruments, Managed Forest Law orders, County Forest Crop, plats, condominiums and certified survey maps for accuracy of chain of title, ownership, legal description, and mapping.
  • Works with title companies, attorneys, Realtors, appraisers, banks and landowners in notifying and resolving discrepancy with recorded transaction.
  • Assigns new parcel identification numbers and creates a new real property listing record for properties that are divided based on reviewing new certified survey maps, subdivision & condominium plats, plat of surveys, deeds and other documents.
  • Compares recorded document legal descriptions and parcel identification numbers against the GIS parcel mapping and GIS site addresses and makes recommendations for edits, corrections or additions to the GIS data.
  • Creates and maintains for proper taxation all special taxing districts throughout the county to include, Tiff, sanitary and lake districts.
  • Electronically downloads all Towns and City data to the town Assessor’s on a monthly basis to the Market Drive FTP server, to maintain accurate ownership information that has changed, including, sending all monthly split and attachment data, and recorded deeds that each town assessor requires to update their data.
  • Electronically uploads Town & City Assessors assessment data from the Market Drive FTP server, verifies data for errors and omissions to maintain the accuracy of the data.
  • For other duties, please see full description.


  • Must be able to follow specific work procedures, be very detail oriented and highly organized.
  • Knowledge of public land survey system designations, legal land descriptions, deeds, plat book layout and basic land description mapping.
  • Knowledge of computer hardware and software and typical office software applications such as word-processing, spreadsheets and familiar with Internet and email.
  • Ability to use land records mapping and tax database web sites.
  • Ability to use a calculator and possess accurate typing and data input skills.
  • Ability to navigate simultaneously between numerous data entry screens and menu options. Ability to work as a team to meet deadlines and department goals.
  • Strong customer relations and ability to effective work with the public with technical information.


Associates Degree or two years schooling in land records related studies, real property assessment, appraisal, real estate, legal principles, surveying, GIS, accounting, computer applications or related fields and two years’ experience in one or more of the fields of land title, accounting, assessment, appraisal, real estate, municipal clerk or treasurer, land surveying, GIS, legal land records, computer mapping or related field; or, one year post high school plus five years of current/recent work experience in one or more of the above fields of experience.