University of Wisconsin–Madison

Wisconsin Geospatial Jobs

GIS Professional Programs Curriculum Manager


Location: Madison, WI
Type: Full Time
Posted: 06/29/2020
Deadline to Apply: 07/24/2020

Position Summary:

Specifically, the selected candidate for this position will:
– Lead the design and execution of administrative functions associated with academic instruction and the development of pedagogy/andragogy or assessment tools and resources to support quality student learning.
– Provide for-credit instruction in formats such as classroom, online and/or laboratory settings, including grading, and serve as an instructor of record.
– Collaborate with faculty and staff to innovate and implement effective educational technologies and online learning tools in support of academic curricular development that enhances instructional delivery, promotes active learning, refines critical thinking, and increases student success.
– Be responsible for quality assurance, developing curricular strategy, leading efforts to identify opportunities for unexplored curriculum development.
– Identify and execute resolutions to redundant or outdated components in developed curriculum.

Position Duties:

-Directs and executes the development of instructional design strategy for academic classroom, online, and/or laboratory instruction in accordance with identified strategies and leadership goals.
– Supervises the day to day activities of work unit employees involved in instructional support as needed. Implements the unit personnel resource allocation plan including hiring, training, scheduling, supervision, performance assessment, and resolution of routine and non-routine personnel issues.
– Assesses learner performance and prepares reports recommending instructional, design, and/ or content improvements. Presents evaluations of curriculum, teaching methods and techniques to department and campus leadership.
– Evaluates existing materials and quality control processes and reviews and recommends updates to existing and new materials based on curriculum changes to ensure accuracy and alignment with instructional strategy, curriculum, and unit objectives. Directs the search and implementation of new relevant course materials.
– Collaborates with multiple stakeholders (learning specialists, instructors, program coordinators, department chairs, faculty/staff, instructional designers, media specialists, and other technical resources) to provide current, relevant, innovative, and pedagogically sound solutions for curriculum delivery. Facilitate communication between instructors, content creators (subject matter experts or faculty), and the instructional design team.
– Develops teaching techniques that enhance course effectiveness in alignment with desired outcomes and established strategy.
– Assists with the design and development of interactive, engaging, and effective learning experiences of new and existing online courses.
– Provides classroom, online, and/or laboratory instruction, including grading, for Geog 778: Practicum in GIS Development, or similar capstone course.
– Counsels students and recent alumni about career exploration, self-assessment, skills, materials development, and career decisions.
– Participate in internal and external education and GIS/cartography groups and initiatives.
– Program promotion and recruitment
– Collaborate with GISPP Coordinator on program reviews and reporting, program admissions, staffing, and other administrative duties as needed.

Required Experience:

– Minimum number of years of relevant work experience: 3 years
– Relevant work experience includes:
o Experience in a higher education academic setting
o Experience with online/distance learning
o Experience in GIS and/or Cartography curriculum development and/or instruction
– Technical experience and/or knowledge in GIS and Cartography programming and software, on-line and distance-learning software systems, and tools for team communication and collaboration; such as:
o Canvas and other learning management systems
o ArcGIS, ArcPro, and other proprietary and open source GIS platforms
o Cartography: Professional design, map aesthetics, Adobe CC
o Programming languages: Python, R, HTML/CSS, or other programing languages.
o Database design and administration
o JavaScript, jQuery, Leaflet.js, D3
o Java, Android Studio, Mobile App Design
o Spatial Statistics and spatial interpolation
o GIS problem solving and original GIS tool development
o Github, Slack, Box, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Microsoft Teams

Required Education:

Minimum- MS, Preferred- PhD degree in Geography or related field