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GIS Application Developer

Minnesota IT Services

This is an EXPIRED job listing. Do not apply for this position!

Location: St. Paul, MN
Type: Full Time
Posted: 08/24/2020
Deadline to Apply: 09/03/2020
Payrate: $31.53 - $52.01/hourly
More Information: GIS Application Developer

Job Description:

As the GIS Application Developer, you will lead the design, development and implementation of the MPCA enterprise Geographic Information System (GIS) applications and infrastructure. You will develop applications, primarily in javascript, in a team-based environment, collaborating with other developers, data managers, subject matter experts, and project managers. GIS plays an important role at the MPCA in analysis, decision making, and communication. In this position, you will be supporting and facilitating their work to improve the environment and protect human health.

Responsibilities include:

  • Lead GIS Developer: Lead the development of custom geospatial solutions to meet MPCA needs, including geospatial data services and browser-based web applications.
  • GIS Infrastructure Administrator: Manage and administer agency geospatial server software infrastructure (currently ESRI ArcGIS Server), including setting up new services, testing services to be used in enterprise applications, upgrading and maintaining enterprise server configurations, and debugging server problems that affect enterprise applications. Provide leadership and technical expertise on GIS infrastructure and application development on current projects and for the future.

Minimum Qualifications:

Candidates must clearly demonstrate all of the following qualifications in their resume:

  • Position requires a minimum of four (4) years of IT experience developing geospatial applications.

Experience must demonstrate the following:

  • Experience developing geospatial applications in Javascript and the ESRI Javascript API.
  • Experience installing, configuring, maintaining, and administering ESRI ArcGIS Server software in a production environment.
  • Experience prototyping, authoring, and publishing spatial data services using ESRI ArcGIS Server.
  • Experience with ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Portal platforms.
  • A strong understanding of geospatial analysis techniques, map projections coordinate systems, data transformations, and cartographic principles.
  • Practical experience with at least one interpreted programming language (like Python) to script and automate data workflows and analysis.
  • A Master’s degree in Information Technology or a related field substitutes for three years of experience, OR a related Bachelor’s degree substitutes for two years, OR a related Associate’s substitutes for one year.

Preferred Qualifications:

Experience with:

  • Open source geospatial tools such as Mapserver, QGIS, GDAL/OGR, Leaflet, and PostGIS
  • Developing mobile geospatial applications
  • Development in the Angular Javascript framework