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Real Property Specialist

Rock County, WI

Location: Janesville, WI
Type: Full Time
Posted: 01/07/2021
Deadline to Apply: 01/22/2021
Payrate: $18.91 - $22.00/hr
More Information: Real Property Specialist

Position Summary:

Responsible for maintaining district assessment rolls for local governmental units. Tasks perform for maintaining assessment rolls are but are not limited to, retrieval of recorded documents, review, research, analyze, process deeds, annexations, Certified Survey Maps, subdivision plats, etc. Identify illegal splits and notify necessary officials, update, create, combine and delete parcels from the assessment rolls as directed.

Position Duties:

95% – Maintain district assessment rolls for local governmental units:

  • Generates, proofs, requests print job from Printing Services Coordinator when applicable, and assembles assessment rolls, tax rolls and assessment notices with appropriate reports, forms and instructions.
  • Electronically retrieves various recorded documents including but not limited to Subdivision Plats, Condominium Plats, Certified Survey Maps, Transportation Project Plans, and various types of Deeds from the Register of Deeds, reviews, analyzes and verifies document description and Grantor, updates or creates new parcels.  Combines and/or deletes parcels as requested.
  • Enter assessments for parcels of real estate, personal property, and manufacturing including open book and board of review changes and verifies accuracy.
  • Enters special assessments and other related data and verifies for accuracy.
  • Informs and provides necessary documentation to the Cartographer for updating parcel maps.
  • Enters and proofs tax rate computations that provide the desired tax levies.
  • Prepares, orders, proofs and distributes tax bills with supporting reports.
  • Provides general and technical information related to real estate, personal property assessment data, land issues, property division maps and Rock County’s GIS website to government officials, professionals and the general public.
  • Prints maps from the GIS system, orders labels and other data for municipal officials, assessors and the general public as requested.
  • Creates invoices, collects monies and prepares deposit to County Treasurer.
  • Verifies and corrects parcel numbers and reports discrepancies on transfers in the Wisconsin Department of Revenue eRETR system.

5% – Performs other tasks as assigned.