Archived Wisconsin Geospatial Jobs

GIS Data Specialist / Administrator


This is an EXPIRED job listing. Do not apply for this position!

Location: Madison, WI
Type: Full Time
Posted: 09/14/2021
Deadline to Apply: 09/21/2021
Payrate: $74,880-$99,840 annual

Position Summary

This person will provide support for administering and setting governance policies for agency enterprise geospatial databases. These responsibilities focus on managing critical agency spatial database assets as a data services resource, along with high-level oversight and coordination of customer access to agency geographic data. The person in this role will also provide consulting and outreach of geospatial data availability, data modeling and data structures to internal and external stakeholders. In addition, this person will represent the DNR in state-level geographic data acquisition, data sharing and governance advisory groups.

See link above for detailed summaries of both positions.

Responsibilities & Outcomes:

  • 40% A: Technical administration and consulting
    • A.1. Provide consulting services and technical support to DNR staff about geospatial data sources, spatial analysis, data structures and map service design.
    • A.2. Support agency ESRI license assignment and funding for desktop and software as a service applications.
    • A.3. Research and assist with evaluating emerging geospatial database structures, formats and delivery options.
    • A.4. Mentor contractor and DNR developers about DNR standards and procedures, provide them with direction in their analysis, and ensure that critical issues are raised to BTS and division management for resolution.
    • A.5. Assist with administering the DNR’s ArcGIS Online and Portal organizational accounts. Set agency data governance and access policies. Manage operational requests for user accounts, sharing permission and group configuration.
    • A.6. Assist with administering the agency’s Open Data sites. Set policies for data access, format and documentation.
    • A.7. Identify the internal and external geospatial data needed to produce useful IT applications and analyses for stakeholders.
    • A.8. Identify, implement, and help communicate policies and procedures to enable user access to geospatial dat
  • 40% B: Enterprise Data Management
    • B.1. Acquire/develop, QA/QC, enhance, and maintain enterprise geospatial data for use across agency business areas.
    • B.2. Gather and document geospatial data requirements from internal and external stakeholders.
    • B.3. Create, QA/QC, and deliver geospatial data and spatial analyses products.
    • B.4. Extract, modify and reformat data using Microsoft Access, Excel, and SQL coding to prepare datasets for developing GIS data and performing analyses.
    • B.5. Research and help document best practices for GIS data governance, tool use and analytical methods to support the DNR GIS Community of Practice.
    • B.6. Provide guidance in the design, structuring, documenting and management of GIS data layers including enterprise geodatabase, file geodatabase and other formats.
    • B.7. Create and verify integrated data topologies for use within geospatial applications and systems.
    • B.8. Design, develop, test, deploy, and maintain ArcGIS for Server (AGS) enterprise basemap and other web services using ArcGIS Desktop and AGS software and tools.
  • 10% C: Outreach and training
    • C.1. Assist with the development of in-person and web-based DNR GIS training.
    • C.2. Coordinate with internal and external partners to acquire and standardize enterprise geospatial data.
    • C.3. Identify geospatial skill-level gaps among stakeholders and initiate new outreach efforts to address them.
    • C.4. Represent the DNR in state-level advisory groups related to geographic data management activities.
  • 10% D: Organizational Responsiveness
    • D.1. Review and keep abreast of changes in knowledge and practices of position-related activities in responsibilities.
    • D.2. Participate in job-related training and organizational meetings as assigned by supervisor.
    • D.3. Prepare forms and reports as necessary for personnel and budget accounting purposes in a timely manner.
    • D.4. Perform other position-related duties as assigned.
    • D.5. Follow all general and position-related safety requirements.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities: Technical Competencies

  •  Ability to organize and coordinate group or team activities, engage in problem solving and conflict resolution, negotiate agreements, and work effectively with diverse groups in small or
    large settings.
  •  Knowledge of project management concepts.
  • • Skill in organizational and time management methods. Ability to handle multiple priorities and coordinate many tasks at once.
  •  Skill in analysis, evaluation and problem-solving.
  • Skill with Microsoft office products including Access, Excel, Word, Skype, Power Point, and SharePoint.
  •  Ability to communicate effectively to both technical staff and non-technical staff, including managers, both verbally and in writing.
  •  Ability to provide technical perspective on a project throughout the entire IT/GIS project lifecycle.
  • Knowledge of Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) ArcGIS Desktop software, including extensions and tools (e.g., Spatial Analyst, 3D Analyst, Model Builder), and ESRI Enterprise database structure and management.
  •  Knowledge of raster processing methods and ImageServer.
  • Knowledge of ArcGIS Online development and administration.
  •  Knowledge of SQL and Python scripting languages.
  • Knowledge of map and image service best practices.
  • Knowledge of fundamental methodologies to perform technical geospatial data collection, processing, coordinate conversion, QA/QC, distribution, management, etc.
  • Knowledge of fundamental methodologies of mapping sciences and cartographic design.
  • Knowledge of the principles of data confidentiality, system security, and methods of user access.
  • Knowledge of spatial database design, structure, and management systems.

Required qualifications for both levels include experience in the following:

  • Designing and managing geospatial databases using ESRI tools and data structures
  • Providing geospatial data consulting services to customers
  • Managing or coordinating IT projects

Candidates may be considered for the Administrator level with the following preferred qualifications:

  • Experience leading others in GIS initiatives
  • Experience with image processing and data structures
  • Experience performing spatial data analysis and visualization
  • Database management experience, which includes manipulating data using Python, SQL and/or other tools