Archived Wisconsin Geospatial Jobs

Rail GIS and Property Specialist

Wisconsin DOT

This is an EXPIRED job listing. Do not apply for this position!

Location: Madison, WI
Type: Full Time
Posted: 01/14/2022
Deadline to Apply: 01/23/2022
Payrate: $56,160-$72,800/year

This position provides expert advice, analysis and oversight regarding the WisDOT Railroad and Harbors Section’s spatial and data systems as well as provides support to the section’s passenger rail, freight and safety programs. Responsibilities will be related to railroad corridor records, data and property management, including the review and management of permitted and agreement use activities, the development and management of railroad and crossing data including Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and GeoPortal/ArcGIS Online.

This position will be expected to recommend improvements and/or alternative ways to achieve objectives, design and implement program management strategies, and evaluate current practices and recommend appropriate modifications to improve effectiveness related to the data and document management of freight rail, rail safety and passenger rail programs. The position is relied upon for expert and up-to-date knowledge of all operating railroads in Wisconsin and the status of pending and past changes in the status and character of railroad lines, including line abandonments. A prime objective of this position is to maintain effective working relationships with railroad management, local government officials, other state agencies, state legislators and the general public, responding positively and effectively to their requests, providing accurate data and solving challenges and conflicts regarding the data and document management for the Railroads and Harbors Section programs.


Qualified applicants will have experience with all the following:

•    Applying Microsoft Excel features such as pivot tables, charts, database connections, complex/nested formulas, etc.
•    Performing business-related activities as part of automated systems’ development (activities may include requirements gathering and management, data design & system analysis, system testing & training)
•    Utilizing ArcGIS or similar spatial tools and applications.
•    Communicating complex or technical information to non-technical audiences.
•    Managing database systems (i.e. Oracle, Microsoft Access)

In addition to having all the above, well qualified applicants will have one or more of the following:

•    Experience designing and developing data visualization results as part of information dashboards, including graphs, charts, and maps.
•    Experience with spatial analysis techniques using ArcGIS
•    Experience with railroad or other corridor data management, mapping, and documentation.