Archived Wisconsin Geospatial Jobs

Planning GIS Specialist

City of Madison

This is an EXPIRED job listing. Do not apply for this position!

Location: Madison, WI
Type: Full Time
Posted: 04/25/2022
Deadline to Apply: 05/15/2022
Payrate: $69,334.46 - $83,020.08 Annually
More Information: Planning GIS Specialist

The City of Madison Planning Division is looking for a motivated individual with a solid foundation in GIS and computerized mapping. As the Planning GIS Specialist you will be responsible for specialized technical and professional work in the development and application of the Department of Planning and Community and Economic Development’s (DPCED) computerized mapping/geographic information system. The work involves the following:

  • System management activities
  • Providing technical support to the Planning Division and other agencies in DPCED
  • Utilizing the system to meet related information needs

Under the general supervision of a Principal Planner with input from the Planning Division Director, responsibilities include updating and maintaining related geographic databases; developing specialized databases and sources of information; conducting related technical analyses; and developing maps that are visually appealing and easily understood by a wide variety of stakeholders. Mapping efforts primarily focus on the city’s demographics, built environment, development activity, policies and land use plans, including the Comprehensive Plan. This position also provides leadership in the City’s use of data and GIS to support the provision of City services and inform City decision-making, with an emphasis on data and GIS mapping to support the City’s Racial Equity and Social Justice (RESJ) Initiative.

Examples of Duties and Responsibilities

GIS system management

  • Provide system management for DPCED’s ESRI ArcGIS based Geographic Information System (PLGIS).
  • Customize PLGIS for the Planning Division and other divisions. Provide programming, technical assistance, problem resolution, and inter-agency and intergovernmental coordination.
  • Identify and test potential software applications and ArcGIS extensions to support PLGIS needs.
  • Represent the Planning Division on City staff teams.

Database development and management

  • Update and maintain information on PLGIS and other citywide databases as required.
  • Generate reports, maps, and analyses using various software including, for example, ArcGIS for Desktop, ArcGIS for Server, and standard ArcGIS extensions, Python, Excel, and custom programming.
  • As part of a larger workflow that involves multiple City agencies, perform tabular data entry and editing in citywide databases to reflect development approvals, development activity, and changes to City services.
  • Assist in developing and maintaining special information and databases for the Planning Division and other DPCED divisions.
  • Collect data to be used with PLGIS.

Preparation of maps, tabular reports, and analyses

  • Prepare maps, tabular reports, and other analyses for the Planning Division, other City agencies, City officials and the public.
  • Maintain proficiency with City, regional, and national datasets, including the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey.
  • Conduct advanced statistical and spatial analysis using software including ArcGIS (ArcGIS Server, ArcGIS extensions), Microsoft Excel, and custom programming.
  • Develop and maintain ArcGIS Online map services, web maps, and applications to communicate city initiatives and obtain feedback from the community.
  • Develop and maintain ArcGIS Desktop tools and models.

GIS program leadership, training, and technical support

  • Provide leadership to facilitate and expand the City’s use of data and GIS in decision-making, particularly related to racial equity and social justice.
  • Provide consultation and training to Planning Division staff on software applications and database capabilities, utilization, and related problem-solving.
  • Write GIS technical data development procedures, user documents, policy, and metadata.
  • Transfer and exchange data between computer systems and between the Planning Division, other DCPED divisions, other agencies, and external customers.
  • Assist with content management on the Planning Division website, which involves GIS content and functionality.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Three (3) years of responsible professional experience involving the development and/or application of a geographic information system, including or supplemented by involvement in city planning activities.

-AND –

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Planning, Engineering, Geography or a closely related field. A master’s degree in GIS may be substituted for two (2) years of professional experience.

If an applicant does not possess the specific requirements outlined above, HR will review the application materials to determine if the applicant possesses the following equivalent experience:

Four (4) years of experience in applying the following:

  • Geographic information system(s) applicable to the Department of Planning and Community and Economic Development’s needs.
  • Customizing a GIS system using the appropriate programming and/or scripting languages.

Two (2) years of experience in applying the following:

  • SQL Server and creating queries.
  • Data collection, mapping/cartography and analysis techniques, and related computer applications
  • Computer science and database management.

Familiarity with the following:

  • City planning, principles and planning research methods.
  • Local, regional, and national datasets, including the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey variables.