Archived Wisconsin Geospatial Jobs

Transportation GIS Specialist


This is an EXPIRED job listing. Do not apply for this position!

Location: Madison, WI
Type: Full Time
Posted: 07/21/2022
Deadline to Apply: 08/07/2022
Payrate: Minimum $70,000 annual

The GIS Specialist will collaborate with the department’s Transportation Planner and Engineer to update current and future mapping layers and coordinate with division GIS staff to update campus planning maps. Additionally, TS is responsible for roadway infrastructure including pavement markings, roadway signage and streetlights which would benefit being inventoried in GIS and utilizing these maps for replacement and refreshment. The GIS Specialist would also develop and update the department lot atlases with campus parking impacts due to housing, athletics, maintenance and other projects/events; as well as other department maps. The GIS Specialist will also work with Commuter Solutions unit to map and update bicycle, walking, bus and other alt. mode infrastructure and provide data visualization.

Performs spatial analysis using online tools and project management techniques. Creates both mapping applications and may create data visualizations.

  • 20% Creates maps and performs a wide range of geospatial analyses in support of a variety of projects
  • 10% Adheres to established cartographic standards and quality assurance/quality control processes
  • 10% Manages a wide variety of project-specific and reference geospatial data in accordance with defined data management standards
  • 15% Collaborates with other IT staff to deliver project deliverables and visuals
  • 15% Gathers, verifies, and coordinates data used for spatial analysis, data sciences, field operations, mapping, and data visualizations across programs and other agencies
  • 5% May support geospatial field data collection efforts
  • 5% May train and consult with GIS users as needed
  • 15% Work with Commuter Solutions unit to map and update bicycle, walking, bus and other alt. mode
    infrastructure and provide data visualization
  • 5% Update and maintain department lot atlas maps

Required Education

Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Geography, Science, Engineering, Planning, or Mathematics or a related field.

GIS Certificate or four years equivalent experience are equivalent substitutes for a Bachelor’s Degree


Required Qualifications – strong background in ESRI’s software suite (ArcGIS Desktop (ArcMAP) and ArcGIS Pro) or other GIS software for data management and analysis; strong attention to detail.

Preferred Qualifications – Experience with SQL, AUTOCAD and other data analysis tools; experience with data visualization; experience with traffic, construction or parking related data collection in geospatial format; higher ed experience.