Wisconsin Geospatial Jobs

GIS Coordinator/LIO

Shawano County

Location: Shawano, WI
Type: Full Time
Posted: 08/05/2022
Deadline to Apply: Open - no deadline given by employer
Payrate: $24.00 - $28.11/hour

Job Summary:

Responsible for the development and maintenance of the County’s GIS (Geographic Information System) database. This includes GIS/Computer system administration, configuration, and software installation as well as database development, quality control, and programming to facilitate system management. This also includes researching necessary source documents and automation of existing manual procedures within County departments; entering necessary geographic information and analysis through the use of GIS software, Windows Servers, and other related hardware; and creating programs to streamline data entry; importing/converting of data supplied by other departments, agencies, etc. into usable GIS formats. Position serves as the County Land Information Officer.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities:

-Develop and maintain spatial database to support County work programs

-Prepare maps and reports using analytical skills to portray data in an understandable way taking into consideration audience, purpose and time constraints.

-Develop, maintain and expand interactive mapping website

-Develop, write and maintain GIS tools, computer programs and workflows using appropriate programming languages, file techniques, and standards for GIS to support county functions and departments.

-Train and support County personnel in the use of GIS, GPS hardware, software, best practices, and other computer related tools and procedures.

-Coordinates and assists other County departments in the implementation of land records modernization activities including GIS and spatial data for their needs. Develops procedures within the County that support both Land Records Modernization and County-Wide geographic systems. Provides assistance/guidance to local municipalities and groups on GIS and related activities.

-Develops, maintains and coordinates parcel mapping and associated data layers in cooperation with the County Surveyor, Real Property Lister, contractors and others as necessary.

-Create, maintain and support county’s 911 address, street centerline and response zone spatial databases for use in law enforcement and dispatch systems.

-Interpret legal property descriptions and land surveys including incorporating those documents into the GIS system.

-Assist County Surveyor in maintaining PLSS network. -Prepare and maintains user and system documentation, including metadata, for all data entry and GIS/spatial data holdings. -Develop arc, polygon and point geographic coverages through the use of digitization and coordinate geometry and other techniques. -Directs and coordinates interfacing of digital and non-digital land records data from public and private sources. -Assists the public in the search of Geographic information and other land records data. -Recommends to and advises the County Board, Committees and departments on Federal, State and County programs and legislation that are relevant to Land Records Modernization and GIS. -Assists and provides technical assistance to the County on election maps and redistricting. -Research/recommend purchases of GIS related hardware and software. -Writes and/or reviews Request for Proposals on GIS, Land Records and related projects. -Design, develop and maintain web access to the various GIS information. -Serve as a member of the after-hours on-call team. -Act as project leader for projects appointed by the Technology Services Director and any other duties as assigned. -Administer Land Information Program including managing and writing the LIO budget and grants, supervising LTE’s, writing/maintaining the Land information Plan and preparing activity reports. -Ensure compliance with State requirements for Land Information Program, Land Information Office and Land Information Council. -Be the point of contact for the Land Information Program in Shawano County.

Work Requirements:

-Bachelor of Science Degree in Geographic Information Systems or related field.

-Requires experience with GIS, GPS and CAD software such as ESRI, AutoDesk, Trimble, and Microsoft Windows. Knowledge and ability to work with current programing languages and relational database management systems.

-Three years’ experience with geographic information system software.

-Experience working with ArcGIS software, Land Records, and database administration.