Archived Wisconsin Geospatial Jobs

Crime and Data Analyst

Racine County

This is an EXPIRED job listing. Do not apply for this position!

Location: Racine, WI
Type: Full Time
Posted: 05/24/2023
Deadline to Apply: 05/31/2023
Payrate: $58,381.00 - $81,793.00 Annually
More Information: Crime and Data Analyst

The Racine County Performance and Data Analytics Department provides data analytics, marketing, and grant writing supports to internal and community stakeholders. The Crime and Data Analyst will be highly skilled in all aspects of data analytics, including mining, analyzing, and visualizing data with a commitment to clear, outcomes-driven reports to advance innovation and growth while maximizing returns on investment for Racine County.

Essential Duties


  • Identify, collect, clean, analyze, and visualize data across diverse data systems.
  • Create ad hoc reports, infographics, and visualizations for County staff, divisions, and departments.
  • Strategically craft and message findings to diverse stakeholders to build consensus and improve County and community outcomes.
  • Provide technical support and assistance to the Performance and Analytics Department.
  • Proficient in SQL query writing to extract, manipulate, and analyze data from multiple databases and data sources.
  • Strong understanding of database structures and relational database management systems (RDBMS).
  • Ability to write complex SQL queries involving joins, subqueries, aggregations, and advanced functions to retrieve and transform data.
  • Experience in optimizing SQL queries for performance and efficiency.
  • Knowledge of database indexing, query optimization techniques, and query tuning.
  • Familiarity with SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services) to design and generate interactive reports and visualizations.
  • Ability to develop and maintain SSRS reports, including report layout, data source configuration, and parameterization.
  • Proficient in creating and modifying report templates, data visualizations, charts, and graphs using SSRS.


  • Attend staff meetings, trainings, workshops, and outreach events.
  • Participate in projects and other assignments as directed by the Performance and Analytics Director.
  • Learn new technologies and analytics tools to improve County programming and initiatives.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, and/or the Social Sciences with an emphasis on Data Analytics
  • Valid driver’s license with reliable transportation and verification of appropriate, current insurance coverage

Knowledge Skills & Abilities

  • Proficiency in identifying, cleaning, manipulating, analyzing, and visualizing data
  • Knowledge of programming language like SQL
  • Knowledge of mapping and visualization software like Tableau, PowerBI, and ArcGIS
  • Knowledge of or willingness to learn marketing tools such as Adobe Creative Suite to present data findings in a clear, appealing manner
  • Awareness of local, state, and federal data sources to address key community questions and needs