ATV Trail Maps


Wisconsin has over 1,800 miles of All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) trails and intensive use areas available during the Spring, Summer, and Fall seasons. That number jumps to over 4,200 miles of ATV trails during the Winter season in Wisconsin.

The best source of information on ATV trails often comes from local ATV clubs and outfitters. A e-mail to a local expert often leads to additional tips you won’t find on a published map.

The Wisconsin ATV Association Web site contains a wealth of ATV information, including a statewide ride planning map. maintains an extensive list of ATV trails, organized by county.

Polaris produces a free mobile application call RideCommand that may be useful to ATV riders interested in a mobile solution. Polaris also offers a RideCommand interactive map on their website. Ski-Doo offers a competing product called BRP GO!

National Motorsports Services sells a variety of ATV/UTV maps, including a Map Book of Wisconsin ORV Trails,  and digital trails data that can be loaded onto compatible GPS receivers.

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has information for ATV riding in Wisconsin including some links to other Websites with local information.

Finally, the Wisconsin Department of Tourism has ATV information on their Web site that includes links to local trails.

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Last updated: December 18, 2023