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Statewide PLSS Corner Numbering System

The Public Land Survey System (PLSS) is the foundation of property boundary descriptions in Wisconsin. An essential characteristic of PLSS is a numbering system that locates each corner within the statewide PLSS network. The Wisconsin Corner Point Identification System, commonly known as the Romportl System, is one such system developed in the early 1990s by a committee chaired by Mike Romportl, Oneida County Surveyor. While the Romportl System has been adopted by many organizations in Wisconsin, variations in implementation exist, particularly when special cases occur. This document details the implementation of the Romportl System for the Statewide PLSS Database being developed by the State Cartographer’s Office (SCO). The document articulates the rules used to assign Romportl numbers for the following special cases: closing corners; non-conforming areas; excess or deficiency in section length; and meander corners.

[Ver 2. published July 24, 2019]

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