Param Bhandare

Position title: GIS Intern


480 Science Hall
550 North Park Street
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Madison, WI 53706

Param Bhandare

Param is an undergraduate student majoring in Computer Science with elective coursework in Geographic Information Systems and Mathematics.

Recently, he was part of a semester-long project that attempted to find an optimization scheme in resource transport logistics over ancient terrain for an archeological project. More recently, he engaged in a classification exercise on bank consolidation and uprooting in a hypothetical Toronto area, working with limited data to make generalized claims over the entire dataset with semi-supervised learning techniques. Problems like these interest him and he hopes to learn and apply more robust and sophisticated techniques to answer questions in several domains that intersect with Geography. He is currently embarking on a project mapping land cover and dominant species in the Lake Superior region.

In his free time, Param enjoys world history, especially history of religion and mathematics, learning languages, chess, cooking, and any healthy one on one in the courts, fields, or over the table.