University of Wisconsin–Madison

Brenda Hemstead

Data Services Specialist

(608) 263-4371

383 Science Hall
550 North Park St.
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Madison, WI 53706

Brenda Hemstead

Brenda has been with the office since 1979 and manages a variety of technical and outreach projects for the office, many of them providing direct services to Wisconsin’s surveying community. She has a long-standing role facilitating access to Wisconsin’s survey control networks – currently accessible through the office’s Survey Control Finder application – a cooperative effort between the office and federal, state and local agencies. In addition, she organizes events and forums for the geospatial community and is a member of various professional geospatial organizations. Her work continues to push the envelope in forward-looking online delivery of survey-related information throughout the state. As one of the most senior employees of the office, Brenda also provides collective memory and long-range planning support.