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New internship page and e-email alert service helps college students to find a great gig.

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Wisconsin Geospatial Internships

Browse the list below for GIS/mapping internships located in and around Wisconsin. If you wish to contribute an announcement to this page for a student internship located in Wisconsin or a surrounding state, please e-mail us the details. This is a free service for employers! [posts_table post_type=”sco_jobs” columns=”title,cf:employer,cf:location,date:Posted,cf:application_deadline:Deadline” column_breakpoints=”all,all,default,default,default” links =”title” date_columns=”cf:application_deadline” date_format=”m/d/Y” cf=”status:Active” display_totals=”bottom”…

Wisconsin Geospatial Jobs – Alerts

Are you actively seeking a geospatial job in or around Wisconsin? Consider signing up for our free “Job Alerts” service.

Wisconsin Geospatial Jobs – Archived Positions

Browse and search EXPIRED jobs posted previously on the Wisconsin GIS Jobs page. This archive is provided as a courtesy to help job seekers learn more about geospatial employment trends in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Geospatial Jobs

GIS and mapping jobs located in and around Wisconsin. In addition to receiving job announcements directly from employers, we also proactively seek out job postings from a variety of online sources.

National GIS Jobs Pages

Looking for a job outside Wisconsin? Check out these national GIS jobs sites.


Although full-time staff openings at the State Cartographer’s Office are rare, we frequently hire student hourly employees to assist with our many ongoing projects.

Looking for a geospatial job?

Whether you are a seasoned veteran looking for the next step in your career, or a recent college graduate just starting out, the SCO geospatial jobs page is great place to find a Wisconsin GIS job.

Want to work for the SCO?

The State Cartographer’s Office in Madison has a new part-time position available.  Check it out!