Association provides insights on data privacy, policy and access

In June, WLIA held a regional workshop to discuss land records privacy, copyright, data distribution and GIS law.

Where open source, open standards, and open policy fit in Wisconsin GIS

No doubt you’ve heard the terms ‘open’ or ‘interoperable’ thrown around lately in the GIS arena, but why is this important?

Path to Best Practices for Geodata Licensing Still Uncertain

Two local experts report on a recent national study on geographic data licensing, and some relevant findings in Wisconsin, at the 2005 WLIA Conference.

Study addresses geospatial data & domestic terrorism threat

Recommends only modest restrictions on dissemination

Model data distribution policy unveiled

National study looks for balance.

Disaster/Emergency Response Encourages Scrutiny of Public Access Policies

From county boards to federal agencies, free flow of information is being analyzed for security concerns.