An Open Source Web Application for Historic Air Photo Display and Distribution in Wisconsin

This paper describes an effort to build a digital archive and web-based retrieval system for historic air photos for the state of Wisconsin. The University of Wisconsin-Madison has an extensive collection of historic air photos, including a rare 1937-1941 collection that covers almost the entire state.

Concepts and Methods for Rule-Based Web Cartography

One of the ways that interactive Web-based maps are different from traditional paper maps is that Web maps permit users to dynamically change map scale by interacting with a zoom tool. The ability to dynamically change map scale poses some challenges for cartographic design, since the mapping engine must be prepared to effectively render map data for different scale displays. This Technical Paper provides a quick overview of concepts and methods for Web-based cartography, with specific reference to issues of content selection and feature symbolization in the context of scale change.

Wisconsin Orthophotography (2016)

This Infosheet summarizes the status of orthophoto projects in Wisconsin, and describes current and future trends that affect imagery users in the state.

Wisconsin Coordinate Reference Systems, Second Edition

This handbook is a technical guide and resource for those who work with geospatial information in Wisconsin. It provides a brief overview of the history, evolution, and basics of Wisconsin’s coordinate reference systems, and compiles in one place the technical specifications for systems most commonly used in the state.

About the State Cartographer’s Office

The State Cartographer’s Office (SCO) is Wisconsin’s resource for information about maps, cartography, geographic information systems, land information systems, and geospatial technology. This publication provides details on our responsibilities, vision and mission, strategic priorities, and who we are.

SCO Publications

Publications by the Wisconsin State Cartographer’s Office, Madison, WI.

SCO Annual Report now available for 2013-14

The SCO has published its 2013-14 Annual Report.

New tutorial on geospatial PDFs available

Check out our new tutorial on geospatial PDFs and the USGS’s “US Topo” map series.

UW-Madison “Then & Now” poster still available

Copies of the SCO’s “UW-Madison Then & Now” poster are still available. (Cost is only $10 — makes a great gift.)

SCO Annual Report now available for 2012-13

The SCO has published its 2012-13 Annual Report.