Landsat 5 Resumes Operations

Landsat 5 imaging operations were suspended in November of 2005 as a result of difficulties with power delivered by the solar array drive. These technical difficulties have been resolved and imaging has resumed. While USGS …

Orthorectified Landsat digital data now available from USGS

Select orthorectified Landsat data are available for free download from the Global Visualization Viewer (GloVis) and EarthExplorer websites.

Satellites Capture Watertown Tire Fire Smoke Plume

Smoke drifts over Milwaukee

Landsat 5 passes another milestone

Operational now beyond 20 years

Aerial and satellite photo options expanding

Over the past decade digital aerial images have become the basemap de rigueur for a geographic information system (GIS).

ASPRS seeks Interior Dept. support of Landsat 7

wants data collection despite equipment problems

Landsat instrument in trouble?

remote sensing data in jeopardy

US set to purchase more satellite imagery

More reliance on U.S. firms

Lake clarity mapped on the web

UW-Madison project first of its kind