Board and Council vote to end their existence

WLIB and WLC recommend that the September 1, 2005 sunset provision in current law be upheld.


Board approves revisions to county land information plan instructions and 2005 grant expenditures.

Wisconsin Land Information Board leaves behind a legacy of accomplishments

Ted Koch looks back at the history and accomplishments of the Board.

WLIB begins work on plans and report

WI Land Information Board meets for the second time this year.

The WLIB: What direction now?

State Cartographer points to needed actions by the Land Information Board.

Land Information Board resumes activity

The WLIB met in February for the first time in ten months.

WLIB Executive Committee named

Koch to chair five-member panel

WLIB meets after long hiatus

Koch re-elected chair

Eisele named to WLIB

Surveyor’s appointment fills last vacancy

Senate committee to consider WLIB nominations

Governor seeks approval of six appointments