Wisconsin High Points

In December 1986, Emmet J. Judziewicz completed a project at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in which the following information was derived. For the majority of the state, this table has been compiled from 7.5′ and 15′ topographic maps published by the USGS. The Southeast Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission developed large scale maps that were used for the counties of Kenosha and Milwaukee.

PLEASE NOTE: We have edited this material for use on our website, but have made no attempt to verify its accuracy.

In many Wisconsin counties, it is very difficult to determine exact high points. The highest hills in most of the “Driftless Area” counties of southwestern Wisconsin (approximately from Buffalo county, south and east to Rock county) are often ridge tops that extend for many miles with no clear indication of an exact summit. Ozaukee and Washington counties in the southeastern part of the state have numerous glacial kames all of nearly the same height. This makes determination of a highest point difficult. In contrast, West Blue Mound in Iowa County is significantly higher than any other feature nearby making it easy to identify. An additional consideration is that the highest point in a given county is often not as prominent as isolated hills of considerably lower elevation. This is illustrated by the fact that neither McCaslin Mountain nor Thunder Mountain, two prominent quartzite monadnocks, are the high points in Marinette County.

Six counties (in order of height: Price, Forest, Marathon, Lincoln, Vilas, and Langlade) in the north-central part of Wisconsin have elevations exceeding 1900 feet above sea level. Other major high elevation points of Wisconsin include Mt. Whittlesey (1872 feet) and Meteor Hill (1801 feet) in northwest Wisconsin. In southeastern Wisconsin Powder Hill, Holy Hill, and an unnamed hill located 0.5 km north of Holy Hill, all have summit elevations between 1330 and 1340 feet.

Table 1: Individual High Points for WI Counties
County Elevation Feature’s Name Map Sheet Town-Range Section
Adams 1290 Friendship Mound Adams 18N-6E 32 SW
Ashland 1872 Mount Whittlesey Mount Whittlesey 44N- 2W 9 SE
Barron 1630 Blue Hills Strickland 35N-10W 25 W
Bayfield 1700 Mount Telemark Cable 43N- 7W 28 NW
Brown 1020 Morrison Hill Greenleaf 21N-20E 24 NW
Buffalo 1360 Montana Ridge Lookout 22N-10W 2,3,11
Burnett 1470 Timberland 37N-14W 33,34
Calumet 1130 North Tower Hill Brothertown 44* 02’N lat. 88×17′
W long
Chippewa 1530 Flambeau Ridge Flambeau Ridge 32N- 7W 3 SE
Clark 1480 Abbotsford 29N- 1E 24 NE
Columbia 1480 Baraboo Range Durwoods Glen 11N- 8E 6 SE
Crawford 1322 Rising Sun Ridge Rising Sun 11N- 5W 22 NW
Dane 1489 East Blue Mound Blue Mounds 6N- 6E 5,6
Dodge 1230 Nenno 11N-17E 20 SE
Door 860 Namur 26N-24E 31 SW
Douglas 1369 Summit Hill Empire Swamp 45N-14W 21
Dunn 1354 Dunnewa Hill Colfax North 30N-11W 24 NE
Eau Claire 1340 Price 25N- 5W 32 SW
Florence 1730 Long Lake NE 41N-16E 30 SE
Fond du Lac 1270 Kettle Moraine Eden 14N-18E 2 SE
Forest 1939 Sugar Bush Hill Lake Lucerne 36N-13E 36 SW
Grant 1240 Military Ridge Long Hollow 7N- 2W 31
Green 1173 New Glarus 4N- 6E 12
Green Lake 1090 Green Lake 15N-13E 20 NE
Iowa 1719 West Blue Mound Blue Mounds 6N- 5E 1 NW
Iron 1860 Penokee Range Mt. Whittlesey 44N- 1W 6 NE
Jackson 1409 Saddle Mound Hatfield SE 22N- 1W 33 NE
Jefferson 1062 Kettle Moraine Little Prairie 5N-16E 26 NE
Juneau 1380 Johnson Hill New Lisbon S. 15N- 2E 11 NW
Kenosha 994 Silver Lake 1N-19E 34
Kewaunee 1020 Cherneyville Hill Strangelville 23N-23E 32 NE
La Crosse 1400
Wadels Hill Rosedale 18N- 5W 24 NE
14 SE
Lafayette 1440 N. Platte Mound Rewey 4N- 1E 31 SE
Langlade 1903 Kent Tower Hill Polar 32N-13E 21 NW
Lincoln 1920 Lookout Mountain Parrish 34N-8E 27 SW
Manitowoc 1047 School Hill 17N-21E 27 NE
Marathon 1924 Rib Mountain Wausau Wast 28N- 7E 8 SE
Marinette 1660 Armstrong Cr. 37N-17E 17-18
Marquette 1320 Westfield West 17N- 8E 7 S
Menominee 1433 Zoar 30N-13E 6 NW
Milwaukee 868 Hales Corners 6N-21E 30
Monroe 1450
Greenfield Hill
Breddeler Hill
Alderwood Lake
18N- 2W
16N- 2W
9 SW
2 NW
Oconto 1781 Carter Hills Reservoir Pond 33N-15E 6 NW
Oneida 1800 Parrish 35N- 9E 32,33
Outagamie 1010 Greenville 22N-16E 28,33
Ozaukee 980
Five Corners
Port Washington W
Port Washington W
Random Lake
29 SE
16 NW
7 SE
30 NW
3 SW
Pepin 1300 Rohrscheib Hill Rock Falls 25N-11W 22 SW
Pierce 1280 Spring Valley 27N-15W 1 NE
Polk 1410 Frederic Tower Hill Fredrick 36N-17W 1 NW
Portage 1320 Blaine 21N- 9E 11 NE
Price 1952 Timms Hill Timms Hill 34N-2E 11 N
Racine 952 Buena Park Hill Waterford 4N- 19E 22 NE
Richland 1300 Pleasant Ridge West Lima 12N- 1W 19 NE
Rock 1080 Orfordville 3N-10E 17 N
Rusk 1750 Blue Hills Weyerhauser 35N- 9W 27
St. Croix 1320 Wilson 29N-15W 23 SW
Sauk 1593 Sauk Point Baraboo 11N- 7E 15 SW
Sawyer 1801 Meteor Hill Edgewater 37N-8W 17 SW
Shawano 1490 Aniwa 29N-11E 6 NW
Sheboygan 1312 Parnell Hill Cascade 14N-20E 10 NE
Taylor 1840 Rib Lake 33N-2E 10 SW
Trempealeau 1360 Elk Creek 23N-9W 8 SE
Vernon 1360
Irish Ridge
Irish Ridge
14N- 3W
14N- 3W
Vilas 1901
30 W
29 W
Walworth 1158 Walworth 1N-16E 36 SW
Washburn 1480 Stone Lake 38N-10W 23-24
Washington 1330
Powder Hill
Holy Hill
Hartford East
24 SW
14 NE
14 NE
Waukesha 1230 Lapham Peak Oconomoc East 7N-18E 29 SE
Waupaca 1220 Iola 24N-11E 30 NW
Waushara 1304 Wautoma NE 20N-10E 19,20
Winnebago 996 Berlin 17N-14E 31 NW
Wood 1481 Powers Bluff Arpin 24N- 4E 30 SE


Table 2: Individual High Points for WI National Forests
National Forests Elevation Name Map Sheet Town-Range Section
Chequamegon 1820 Penokee Range Mineral Lake 44N- 3W 17 SW
Nicolet 1900 Phelps 42N-12E 29 W


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