Department of Transportation submits proposal to Legislature to begin collecting fees for using WISCORS

On January 31, 2019, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation submitted a proposed rule to the Wisconsin Legislature to begin collecting fees for using the WISCORS (Wisconsin Continuously Operating Reference Station) network.

Land Surveying and PLSS Topics

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Height Modernization Program Active Network

The WisDOT Geodetic Survey Unit has developed a Wisconsin Continuously Operating Reference Stations (WISCORS) Network consisting of permanent GPS sites, which provide real-time correctors to mobile users. Mobile users properly equipped to take advantage of these correctors can survey in the field to the 2-cm accuracy level in real-time.

Access fee for WISCORS

WisDOT charging a user fee for WISCORS.

WisDOT holds stakeholder meeting for user fees

WisDOT seeks input on a user access fee.

WI-HMP and WISCORS updates

Progress continues, despite some setbacks, towards the completion of the WI-HMP and WISCORS networks.