Brown County seeks consultant proposals for mapping project

“OneMap” is a GIS pilot project funded by the Wisconsin Coastal Management Program and NOAA. The goal of OneMap is to develop critical GIS data layers that can support habitat restoration and conservation projects

Wisconsin Culvert Community of Practice Featured in State News

A recent article on a cooperative, community-driven approach to culvert mapping explores the goals of the Wisconsin Coastal-Management Data Infrastructure project (WICDI).

Who has more lakes: Minnesota or Wisconsin?

The answer is…. complicated.

Rivers, Lakes, and Streams Data

The most common source of hydrography (rivers, streams, lakes) data in Wisconsin is the Wisconsin DNR’s “24k hydro” database.  The DNR 24k hydro dataset is the most common starting place for most users in the state.  Because the DNR data are limited to Wisconsin, users who need entire watersheds that cross the state border should investigate the National Hydrography Dataset (NHD) maintained by the U.S. Geological Survey.