National Geospatial Data bill introduced

A bill has been introduced to promote data transparency in the management of federal geospatial data.

Wisconsin Land Surveying Bill Signed into Law

On April 23, 2014, Governor Walker signed land surveying legislation into law as 2013 Wisconsin Act 358.

Aerial drone bill signed into law

Senate Bill 196, the Drone Privacy Protection Act, has been signed into law.

Land surveying bill moving through Legislature

A bill that aims to update Wisconsin’s land surveying statutes is making its way through the Legislature.

Aerial drone bill passes Wisconsin Senate

Senate Bill 196 limiting the use of aerial drones has cleared the Wisconsin Senate.

Wisconsin 2013-15 biennial budget bill invests in geospatial programs

On June 30, Governor Walker signed Act 20, Wisconsin’s 2013-15 biennial budget, into law. Here is a brief synopsis of final budget provisions that directly impact Wisconsin’s geospatial community and the Wisconsin Land Information Program (WLIP.) 

Wisconsin legislators unveil bill to restrict use of aerial drones

Lawmakers have introduced a bill that would limit the use of aerial drones in Wisconsin.

Governor’s budget recommends statewide geospatial initiatives

Governor Walker’s executive budget bill recommends several important statewide geospatial initiatives.

MAPPS urges governors to review state geospatial activities

The Management Association for Private Photogrammetric Surveyors recently sent letters to all 50 state governors asking them to “conduct a review of [the state’s] activities in the geospatial field.”

Land surveying bill introduced to Senate

The Land Surveying Modernization bill was officially introduced to the Wisconsin State Senate on February 8th as SB-444.