Sauk County seeks proposals for Professional Land Surveyor Services

Sauk County soliciting cost proposals for professional land surveyor services, to include general “county surveyor” duties.

Northwest RPC Seeks Consultant for web mapping project

The organization or individual selected will develop an interactive recreation portal web map.

Brown County seeks consultant proposals for mapping project

“OneMap” is a GIS pilot project funded by the Wisconsin Coastal Management Program and NOAA. The goal of OneMap is to develop critical GIS data layers that can support habitat restoration and conservation projects

Forest County Seeks Land Surveying Services

The Forest County Land Information Department is seeking proposals from surveyors or surveying firms for surveying services.

Wood County Seeks Proposals for new County Highway Transportation Project Plat

Wood County, Wisconsin is seeking proposals for contracted services of a Professional Land Surveyor licensed in the State of Wisconsin.

WEDC Seeks Proposals for Wisconsin Environmental Equity Tool Development

“WEET” will analyze and visualize data online specific to Wisconsin so government, tribal entities, community-based organizations, and the public can pinpoint our most impacted communities and better understand the environmental and health equity challenges they face.

Calling all Consultants: Lincoln County seeks land information services

The Lincoln County Register of Deeds Department is seeking to contract with an individual or entity to perform re-indexing services for scanned previously recorded documents. 

Jefferson County seeks contractor for parcel fabric conversion

Jefferson County, Wisconsin is seeking proposals for assistance implementing the ESRI Parcel Fabric and Local Government Information Model for Parcel Publishing (LGIM).

Lincoln County seeks qualified consultants for ROW mapping project

The Lincoln County Land Services Department is seeking to contract with an individual or entity to create a GIS Index Layer for scanned (PDF format) Right of Way Plats.

Vernon County releases RFP for parcel fabric project

Contractors invited to submit proposals by June 9th.