Wisconsin Geospatial News

USGS opens new web site for finding maps

The era of printed indexes as a way to discover U.S. Geological Survey printed maps appears to have closed with the unveiling of a new service on the internet called the USGS Store. This service will provide online ordering access to all published products (not just maps) distributed by the USGS.

A major improvement with this new web tool is that you can view thumbnail images of topographic maps and larger images of other selected maps. In addition to USGS products, you can search and purchase products of other agencies: U.S. Forest Service, National Geopatial-Intelligence Agency (formerly NIMA), Library of Congress, and Bureau of Land Management.

The new USGS Store will replace Earth Explorer and Map Finder, two earlier web tools. We have had uneven results when trying to access the USGS Store which recommends use of a recent version of Internet Explorer browser software.