Wisconsin Geospatial News

Jim’s Summer Roadtrip!

As the new guy in the office, I’ve been busy educating myself on a wide variety of issues in our state—and there are plenty of issues to study. As part of this education, I’m particularly interested in learning more about the problems that face GIS and land information professionals in the more rural areas of Wisconsin. So, as a place to start, I’m planning to get out of the office and do some traveling. You know what that means—roadtrip!

Seriously though, I’m in the very early stages of planning a trip to northwestern Wisconsin during June, possibly in conjunction with the Wisconsin Land Information Association regional meeting in Hayward. I’d like to visit some LIOs, municipal GIS folks, and perhaps a tribal organization or two. I’m not after anything formal, just an opportunity to spend an hour or so learning more about what you do, the problems you face, and get some feedback on what those of us in Madison can do to help.

Want to help educate the newbie? Drop me a line through E-mail, or give me a call at (608) 262-6850. I look forward to hearing from you!